januari 22, 2022

The swingers club

I peer out of the taxi window. He squeezes my leg encouragingly. As I swiftly take a look at his face I can see he is tense too. That will be thirty-five euros. We pay the taxi driver and get out of the car. The wind rushes by my legs and I shiver a bit. It’s cold outside and I’m not wearing that much clothing. The nerves aren’t helping either. My husband gallantly pays our admittance fee at the door and we are immediately shown the way to the dressing rooms.

Once inside I feel a bit more comfortable. We are to leave our jackets and the rest of our clothing in a locker. My husband wolf-whistles at me and my outfit. Damn, you’re hot babe. I glance at my husband’s body, firm and muscular in his fancy boxershorts. His blonde hair has a fresh short cut and his beard has been trimmed meticulously. My long, dark blonde hair falls loosely down my back, my make-up is subtle. I am wearing a black lace thong and a top that literally hangs together by threads. You can see my naked boobs poke through. We take a deep breath and start towards the door.

Arm in arm my husband accompanies me. My high heels click-clack on the tile floor. We look around and see a kind of huge livingroom with a big, round bar in the middle. Everywhere we look are comfy booths, the light is low, warm and soft and some nice music is playing in the background. My husband swiftly maneuvers me towards the bar and we take our seat on two red leather bar stools. The leather feels cool and weird against my bare bottom. We order two Chardonnay and cheers to our new adventure. My husband is drinking wine as if it were water. He orders a second one while I’m not even halfway my first glass. I laugh at him and he laughs back, apologetically. Despite my nervousness I am curious. I sneakily look over my shoulder and see four people sitting together in a booth. They are having a lively conversation and occasionally touch one another. I can’t exactly say who’s with who. That’s not important, I guess, sooner or later they will all be sharing the same dicks and pussies.

He turns the lock. I smile. You do know they can still see us, right?

My husband focuses on me, then on the people around us, then back to me. We make some small talk to feel less anxious. I put my right hand on his bare back and let it slide down. Goosebumps appear where my hand has been. I lean into him and my right breast touches his arm. I whisper in his ear that I think it’s time we take a look around the place, see if we can find something fun to do. His jaw clenches and unclenches and he puts his left hand on my knee. Slowly, his hand slides upwards on the inside of my thigh. We both have to get used to the fact that – very – public display of affection is allowed, even normal here. The outside of his hand goes by my lace covered clitoris. I sigh and feel my nipples grow even harder. Shall we? He pushes back his stool and takes my hand. I put my empty wine glass on the bar and let him take me away. We walk past a few themed rooms. The jungle, the spa and the orgy room. Eventually we end up in a rather dark hallway with three doors on the left side. Every door locks from the inside and has a miniscule window, right at eye level. The rooms have atmospheric lighting and in the middle of each room there is a square thing that resembles a bed, made of faux red leather. I look through the window of the first door but there’s no one there. Impatiently my husband pulls my arm, he guides me into the second room. He turns the lock. I smile. You do know they can still see us, right?

He pushes me on the bed, situated in the exact middle of the room, and he positions me with my ass towards the door. While he comes to stand before me I look up at him. His eyes are dark because of the lighting from above and I can see the excitement in his look. On my hands and knees I crawl a bit closer to his body and I pull down his boxershorts with my teeth. His dick comes out, hard and all. Slowly, I lick the head of his penis and continue with the rest, while giving him some seductive upward looks. When I take his penis between my lips I hear a sigh escape. He puts one hand on the back of my head and applies a soft pressure to ensure his dick goes deeper in my mouth. Outside our room I hear some shuffling and scurrying. I can only assume that people are outside, right at this moment, watching our little show. The thought of this makes me horny as hell.

When I stop giving head I drop my ass down to my ankles and sit upright. I feel that my panties are dripping wet already. My husband twists me sideways, just a few inches, as he kneels in front of me to give proper attention to my tits. He squeezes them, presses them against one another and circles my nipples with his tongue. He sucks them – hard – and gives them little love bites. My body quivers as the electricity shoots from my nipples to my clit. I run my hands through his hair and force him to use his beard as a kind of sandpaper against my breasts. When he unfastens my top and throws it in a corner of the room I quickly take off my panties. A moist line runs down my legs as I feel the inside of my thong touch my thighs. I’m dripping wet. My husband quickly flips me onto my hands and knees, facing my butt towards the side of the room, just away from the prying eyes watching outside our door. However, they have a side view of my husband’s hard and throbbing dick as he pushes my upper body down on the bed and raises my ass in the air. He positions one leg next to my hips on the bed and lets the tip of his penis slide by my wet pussy. He smears my natural lubricant on his dick and teases me with the tip of his dick, playfully putting it in and then taking it out again. I writhe with pleasure and ask him to fuck me. Please.

Meanwhile I hear more people shuffling their feet outside our room. Get out of the way. My turn. He is going to fuck her now. I hear the voyeurists taking turns. At the same time my husband pushes his dick inside my wet cunt. He slowly takes it all the way out and puts it back in again. This process repeats itsself until his dick is practically glistening with my pussy juice. When this is over he starts to pick up the pace. Because of his position he has a perfect angle to push his dick as far into my pussy as it will go. He fucks me harder and I hear his bottom half smacking against my ass. The excitement of this moment in time gets to me. I take the hand that’s resting on my hip and force my husband to bend over a little bit while fucking me so he will be able to stimulate my clitoris. I guide his hand and say what I want him to do. Faster. Harder. I feel a familiar tension build up in my lower abdomen. Don’t stop. Please. The feeling of his dick going in and out of my pussy together with his fingers on my clit are enough to make me come. Super hard. My vagina pulses around my husband’s hard dick in an earth-shattering orgasm. He keeps stimulating my clitoris until I stop moaning and tell him that’s enough. I hear people mumbling enthusiastically on the other side of the door.

When I glance over my shoulder I see my husband’s chest is shiny with sweat. He’s putting on a show, ladies and gentlemen. The fact that I just orgasmed my brains out and am now looking at him with dark fuck-me eyes turns him on even more. He takes my hair in one of his hands and starts thrusting his dick deep in my pussy, hard and fast. I moan louder. His dick is almost hurting me. With my hair in one hand and my right hip in the other he mercilessly continues pumping. His dick gets even harder as he almost climaxes. I hear an almost animal-like groan leave his lips while he empties his balls in my pussy. A few more thrusts and then he loosens his grip on my hair and hip. He bends over and starts giving me a few kisses on my now sweaty back. We pant and while I turn my head around we kiss passionately. Outside we hear a mixture of excited voices. We hear some footsteps and then it gets quiet. When he slides his dick out of my vagina I turn towards him, taking a seat on the bed. I feel the moisture spreading beneath my bottom. I take his sweaty face between my hands and give him a big kiss right on the mouth.

Should we do this more often?

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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