februari 12, 2022

Almost caught

Having an affair is a bad thing. This idea has been ingrained into our brains ever since we were little. You have to be faithful to your spouse. Your eyes cannot wander, keep your hands to yourself, yada yada yada…

The fact that I have been sleeping with my coworker for the last five months is obviously not done. Nobody at work knows about us. We are not in love with each other and never will be. Strangely, we just fulfil each other’s sexual appetite. His wife – ever since she had his kid – can’t handle his sex drive. He’s just too much for her and she hardly ever wants to have sex with him. He told me when all this started that I was his first affair. That he and his partner grew apart and that he missed the man he used to be. For me, it’s different. My husband is also having an affair, I feel it with every fibre of my being. Call it women’s intuition. We don’t have kids and our house can be a lonely place when he’s gone. I have never asked him up front, you know. Although the fact that he smells different, showers when he gets home – even though he already showered that morning – tells me enough. He doesn’t even touch me anymore. When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t really understand why. I still look good, I take care of myself. My long dark hair is still shiny and I wear make-up like all the younger women at the office. My husband once said he fell for my big, brown eyes. Unfortunately, these proclamations of love and intimacy were long gone between us. Now, I saw my affair as some kind of retribution. You’re fucking someone else, well, then so will I.

Jack is my coworker and we have known each other for a while now. We just, clicked, you know. Wandernig eyes, flirtatious jokes, they were the beginning of the end. Complaining about our partners to each other was the icing on the cake. Jack admitted that he missed something in his life: casual sex. Then, I confessed that I thought my husband was cheating on me and that I felt the need to do the same. After a company outing – involving too much booze – we kissed each other in an alleyway, like two eighteen year old students. The following week we both had our reservations. However, we soon lost all control. Since then, our sex is still becoming more adventurous and we have to be careful with everything that we do. Strangely, this only adds to the excitement. On a day to day basis I feel myself gravitate towards him, my body yearns for his touch. I am addicted. In the meantime, we’ve fucked in all the usual places. The car, the parking garage, the storage room, we’ve seen it all. Getting together for a quickie is becoming more and more challenging. Nonetheless, we still get creative. It’s so worth it, our sex is hot, passionate and high-paced. I can’t even express the satisfying feeling of his dick sliding into my pussy. I feel sexy, naughty and wanted again.

It’s already half past five and I have to do some stupid chores before I can call it a day. I’ve not seen Jack at the office today, at all. Usually we meet up and casually have lunch together, however, not today. Sometimes, it’s enough to just walk past each other’s body when getting coffee. While I walk towards the printer room I think about his penis in my vagina. I wonder when we will get the chance to fuck again. Getting hot, I open a blouse button when entering the room. The printer room is small, there’s one big window on one side and a wall on the other side. A big copying machine and a cupboard with paper and other shenanigans is all there is to it. As I stand in front of the printer I hear the door close behind me. I jump and before I can turn around and let out a little scream, a hand goes over my mouth. I feel Jack’s hard body pressing up against mine and I instantly recognise his scent. I lean into him and relax my body. He let’s go of my mouth and turns me around. He goes towards the blinds and closes them. I follow him with my eyes while standing completely still, waiting for him to return. Quickly, he walks over to me and kisses me on the mouth. Hungry for more, I reciprocate. His hands touch my breasts over my blouse. We both know that we’re not alone in the office yet. The fact that we can get caught in the act only increases our excitement.

Immediately, I feel waves of longing shooting towards my clit. I know what’s coming. I pull on his belt buckle and unbutton his pants, which falls down to his feet. Hoisting up my skirt over my ass he takes my butt into his hands. One hand quickly moves to the front of my body, stroking my clit, still in my panties. I need this, I want to come so badly. I impatiently move my hips so my pussy rubs on his hand. All this time, kissing passionately, I run my hand over his hard dick, still covered by his boxer shorts. He moans while my hand glides over the length of his penis. I pull down his boxers and his dick appears. I start jacking him off, his knees are getting weak. He breathes heavily in my neck and lets one of his fingers slide under my panties, into my vagina. He slides in and out at the same rhythm that I’m rubbing his dick. Nearing the edge of an orgasm, I moan softly. He only has to continue like this and I’m going to burst out into a mind-numbing orgasm, I can feel it. He moans harder while I grip a little tighter around his dick. Suddenly, we both hear footsteps. He covers my mouth with his hand, I breathe heavily. He is trying to calm his own breathing while looking at the door. This door doesn’t have a lock. If we get caught, we are in for some major shit. One of our colleagues touches the door handle. It slightly goes down. Then, it shoots back up again without opening the door. We hear the colleague outside of the door respond to something someone is saying. He walks away, his footsteps fade.

“He picks up the pace and I feel the need in his movements. I breathe heavily through my nose, his hand still covering my mouth.”

I sigh heavily and before I get the chance to say anything, his mouth covers mine again. I pull my panties down, turn around and face the wall. I take his dick in my hand and guide it towards my wet pussy. His penis pushes against my vagina and slips in, just the tip. I put my hands against the wall and enjoy the feeling of his dick taking over. Frank covers my mouth with one hand and puts the other on my hip to push his dick in deeper. His upper body touches my back as he intimately fucks me slow and deep. Everytime his penis slides in, I moan gutterally. He softly groans with me, his mouth near my ear. His lower body touches my butt with every thrust and it feels intense. He picks up the pace and I feel the need in his movements. I breathe heavily through my nose, his hand still covering my mouth. The pressure of his hand on my hip increases as he fucks me harder and he quickly climaxes. He swivels me around, my back now touching the wall. My skirt is still around my waist and my panties are suspended on my knees. Quickly, he runs his tongue over my clit. His pace is desperate, hungry, trying to make me come as fast as possible. This excites me and I totally relax and focus on the feeling of his tongue stimulating my clit. Pressure builds up in my lower abdomen and I climax within the minute. I put my hand on my own mouth and bite my fingers to supress a hard moan. My knees buckle by the intensity of my orgasm and I lean on his shoulder with my other hand. He supports my body by holding my booty tight. When the waves of pleasure pass I hoist up my thong and pull down my skirt. He pulls up his underwear, next his pants and he fixes his belt. Like a well-oiled machine, we both make sure we look presentable again. We are still panting from our exertion and we laugh when we look at each other.

I turn towards the copying machine and suddenly the door flings open. Thank God I’m turned around because I then see that I missed a button on my blouse. Oh shit, sorry, didn’t know there was anyone in here, my colleague says. I’ll come back later, Kate! He closes the door and walks away. I take a quick look at Jack and I see his shirt is buttoned up wrong. Eh, you might want to fix that, I say, pointing at his shirt. In the meantime, I fix my own button and give my skirt one last tug. Okay Kate, you wait here, I’ll go first, Jack says. I nodd. Before he leaves the room he playfully slaps my ass.

Kate, you fucking sexy beast. See you tomorrow. I give him a naughty smile and nod again.
See you tomorrow, Jack.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties

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