februari 1, 2022

Catch me if you can

Bzzz. I feel my phone buzzing on my hip through my purse.

I decide not to reach for my smartphone just yet. Purposefully, I take a few sips of my cocktail. Pornstar Martini, just what I needed. My eyes wander until they reach my own reflection in the mirror behind the bar. I see myself sitting on a bar stool, flanked by two of my friends on each side. My dark, thick curls have been tamed by my flattening iron, for the occasion. My brows are just a bit thicker than usual and my eyes have quite a bit of make-up on them. Going out in style requires a bit of effort, ladies. I see my nose ring catching the light above the bar. My slightly darker skin betrays my African roots and works really well with the bright red colour of my outfit. Boobs, cupped by a tight crop top and a tight skirt with a high split that goes all the way up to my thigh. I’m wearing silver stiletto’s in which my red toenails are clearly visible. I feel sexy, ready to hunt.

When I finally check my phone I see two whatsapp messages from ‘Bad Boy’. Yes, I label my men, is that a problem? Bad Boy IS a total bad boy. He might be the biggest player I know. Every weekend he is on the prowl and I have managed to avoid his claws up till now. I like the cat and mouse game that we play. Sometimes I fantasize about him ripping my clothes off and fucking me relentlessly. It hasn’t happened yet, although I feel my resolve crumbling with each weekend that passes. He is just SO fucking hot. Tall, certainly above six feet, dark skin and a super handsome face. His tattoos don’t really stand out against his dark skin and I think that’s even sexier. When we ended up on the dancefloor a couple of weeks ago, I was feeling weak. He stood behind me and held me by my waist and ass while he grinded his lower body against my backside. I rubbed my booty on his dick and thought I felt something growing in his pants. Honestly, I felt kind of honoured that I could get him hard just by dancing with him. It had to be some kind of anaconda, though. When I pressed my ass on him from left to right I couldn’t really determine where his dick ended. I must say I was quite impressed and that this didn’t help diminish my growing fascination for this man. On the contrary.

As soon as I open the messages, I feel a hot strike of lightning shoot towards my lower belly. Where are you tonight? Kitty, I’m going to find you. Those two sentences, as innocent as they might seem, say all I need to know. I swallow – hard – and start typing. The hunt is on, then. Follow this kitty’s scent. I feel reckless as I quickly put away my phone in my purse. I see Jolene eyeing me from aside. Him again? Sh almost looks weary. I shrug. Whatever, we’re just having fun. I’m toying with him. I smile coquettishly. Suit yourself, she says while sighing, raising her brows and taking a sip of her wine. My friends knew exactly who he was. They had seen him, stalking me like I was his prey. Entertaining, that’s what I called it. I don’t want to be in a relationship, I think I’m still too young for that kind of commitment. I just want to taste all the flavours life has to offer, party, drink, hunt. A virgin is not what you would call me, that’s for sure. That’s not a bad thing in these times, I guess. My friends each have a nice body count as well. We always talk about our conquests, whenever we’re together. One was in a relationship – on and off – one was currently living with her boyfriend. The other two are free, just like me.

Bzzz, there goes my phone again. This time I take it out of my purse immediately and read his messages. I’ve picked up your scent, kitty. Give me a hint and I’ll come and find you. Instantly, I walk towards the toilets and of course two friends decide to join me. Why do women never go alone? We like the company, probably. Not having to wade through a sea of people alone might also be a big part of this. This club has an enormous row of toilet stalls, furthermore, it might be one of the only clubs that doesn’t charge anything for a pee. While I close the door of the stall I take out my phone. I turn on the camera and take a snapshot of myself in which I suggestively pull down my red top. My hair falls sleekly around my face as I raise my brow suggestively. Both my nipples are showing and the angle is flattering, my boobs look amazing and so does my jawline. What he doesn’t know is that I’m not wearing any underwear either. My fingers tremble as I send the picture. I quickly type a message under the photo. You are going to have to work harder to catch this kitty. Sent.

I wash my hands and walk towards my two friends waiting at the exit of the toilets. We take each other’s hands and make a little train while pushing through the crowd. As we reach the bar I quickly grab Jolene and Claudia by their waist and pull them towards me in a tight hug. Shall we dance, ladies? They shot the remainder of their drinks and hop off their bar stools. The party is lit when we reach the dance floor and then the DJ decides to play ‘Pony’. We squeel and start dirty dancing, grinding our booties against each other. In the meantime, we are attracting a lot of male attention. However, none of them are the guy I really want. Me and my girls are crazy, tipsy and having a lot of fun together. When I stop moving for a second I feel my phone vibrate against my hip from my purse. Nervously, I unlock my screen. Five messages from ‘Bad Boy’. Jezus, you look hot, kitty. Fucking hell. Wait a minute, I recognise these toilets. I know where you are. Kitty, I’m coming to get you. My heartrate rises and I feel a shiver coming down my spine. Swiftly, I stuff my phone back in my purse. Claudia looks from me, to my purse and back again. She knows what time it is. She has a dirty grin on her face as she pulls me close to her. You’re such a naughty bitch! Is it that dude from last time, the hot one? I smile and nod my head. Well, she says, I wonder how long it will take him to show up here.

The atmosphere on the dancefloor changes, grows heavier. People are getting drunker and hornier. I haven’t heard from him for over half an hour. I keep looking over my shoulder, wondering if I will catch him walking through the crowd, but I don’t. Disappointed, I conclude that he’s probably not coming after all. All of a sudden, ‘Get your freak on’ starts blasting from the speakers. Our crew loses it. Nostalgia hits us as we shake our booties and laugh our asses off. Suddenly someone pulls in from behind, I hit a hard chest with my back. I recognise his perfume and the warm feel of his body. I got you now, kitty. His dark, low voice vibrates through my body. I quiver and feel goosebumps appear all over my back and arms. I turn my head to my left and see him from the corner of my eye. My mouth opens slightly as I press my butt against his crotch. He puts his mouth in my neck and I feel his stubbles against my cheek. His warm breath sends strikes of lightning down to my clit and I’m feeling hot. Seductively, he lets his hands run over my sides, down to my butt and back to the front of my thighs. My left hand reaches back and finds his neck while I keep grinding my ass on his dick. Through his jeans I can feel it growing hard again. My right hand pushes between our lower bodies and I let it slide all the way up and down the length – and WHAT a length – of his penis. He sighs in my left ear and I feel my nipples getting hard against my top. The song ends and Beyoncé now takes over the speakers. As if waking from a dream I take a step away from him and turn around. He has a predatory look in his eyes and I see him pulling down his shirt to hide his erection. I have to go to the bathroom, I quickly tell my friends before I leave.

“I feel the cold tiles touching the naked skin between my skirt and top. Does my kitty feel a little cornered?”

I push through the crowd and when I enter the toilets I glance over my shoulder. He didn’t follow me. I take the first stall that is available and lock myself in. Wafting my hands over my breast I try to cool down a bit and I breathe in and out, deeply. What is this hold he’s got over me? I don’t even need to pee, I think to myself. I take some toilet paper and pat my sweaty cleavage. Determined, I take a deep breath and unlock the door. I pull on the door and almost immediately I’m pushed back into the stall. It’s him. His big, manly body makes the stall feel even smaller. He turns the lock and presses me against one of the walls. I feel the cold tiles touching the naked skin between my skirt and top. Does my kitty feel a little cornered? His voice sounds seductive. My eyes are big and my mouth falls open. He uses my silence to put his mouth on mine. I feel his tongue entering my mouth and I love it. Then, he takes both my hands and holds them by the wrists above my head. His lower body pushes between my legs and I grant him acces by putting my foot on the toilet seat. His hand roams from the split on my thigh all the way up to my ass, in the meantime expertly pushing my skirt up and over my ass. The cold tiles now feel chilly on my butt. He feels that I’m not wearing any panties when he slips his hand by my bare bottom. He grumbles approvingly. His muscular chest pushes against my tits and feels warm on my half-naked body. We kiss each other with starving fervour. A swift move is all it takes to turn my body around, cold tiles now against my left cheek, belly and upper thighs.

I feel his hard penis pressing against me from underneath his jeans. My hands are now flat on the wall but he holds me in my place with one hand on the back of my neck. He’s in charge. I hear him loosening his belt buckle. Stay right there, kitty. He sounds commanding. His hand slides from my back down to my ass. He slips between my butt cheeks and lets one finger slide into my slippery wet pussy. Ohhh, you naughty thing. I shiver with anticipation. He pulls away his hand and I feel the warmth of his lower body against mine. Not a second later I feel the head of his dick pressing against my vagina. He tries to force his way in but I can feel that my pussy is struggling. His penis is still quite dry so he uses my own pussy juice to wet it. He uses his other hand to pull down my top and caress my breast and pinch and pull my nipple. I whimper under his touch, pain and pleasure hand in hand. I let my cheek rest against the tiles and look at him from the corner of my eye. His dark brown eyes burn into mine. His dick slides into me and I gasp. It’s bigger than I anticipated. I can’t help but shut my eyes, the excitement is just too much. Look at me, he growls. Look me in the eyes when I fuck this pussy. I pry my eyes open and try hard to maintain eye contact. Meanwhile, his dick is sliding in and out of me with deep, hard movements. I see his thick lips press together in an animal-like snarl. He fucks me harder, deeper, and I moan. He quickly covers my mouth with one of his hands, muffling my moans. Silence, kitty, he growls again. His other hand lets go of my tit and slaps my ass. Again, he slaps my ass while he mercilessly picks up the tempo.

I moan, still silenced by his hand. There I am. On my silver stilettos, skirt hoisted up around my waist, hands on the tile wall, top halfway down and a big, fat, dark cock in my pussy. I’m so FUCKING turned on. His hand remains on my mouth while his other hand now squeezes my hip. He keeps ramming his dick inside of me and I feel that it’s nowhere near all the way in. Once more I balance on the tightrope of pain and pleasure. His movements become faster, more ferocious. He fucks me so hard and deep that I can only moan with every thrust, his hand still muffling my every cry. WIth a few rockhard thrusts he climaxes. His upper body falls on my back and his chin leans on my shoulder. His grip on my thigh and mouth loosens and I pant with exhaustion. He is also breathing quickly and he lets his dick go all the way in and out while the waves of his orgasm fade. He kisses my neck, just once. Subsequently, he pulls out his penis entirely. Immediately, a thick stream of cum slides down the inside of my thigh, towards my shoe. As I reach for a piece of toiletpaper he spins me around. I feel my bare ass touch the tiles again and I shiver a bit. He takes my chin between his thumb and index finger and looks at me intently. His eyes stare at me like those of a lion would stare at an antilope. This is what the kitty gets, if she keeps teasing the predator.

I stick out my chin and look him dead in the eye. I lift one of my brows and show him a naughty little grin.

Well, is that a challenge?

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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