februari 6, 2022

His ultimate fantasy

Tonight was the night that my husband’s ultimate fantasy would come to fruition.

Steve and I have been married for quite a long time now. We saw our kids graduate high school and move out to go to college. He still looks good, you know, for a man of 50 years old. He is nearly gray but still has a full head of hair. His brown eyes are wise and the wrinkles around his eyes that used to only appear when he laughed are now permanent. We still laugh a lot, the two of us. My own appearance is still well looked after. I’m not a typical mom with short hair but a lady dressed stylishly, half long, dark hair well maintained. My green eyes are still be surrounded by long, mascara-covered lashes and plucked eyebrows. Of course, our bodies suffered a bit through the years. Steve didn’t have his six-pack anymore but he wasn’t at all fat. We both exercised regularly to stay in shape. Unfortunately, bearing two kids left its marks on my body, my waist and belly weren’t as tight as they used to be. Still, I reckon we look freaking good for two fifty-year-olds.

Our love life is still interesting, even though we have seen each other naked countless times. Of course, we have also had our fair share of ups and downs. Especially when the children were younger. Those years and the effect they can have on your marriage are not to be underestimated. I didn’t feel particularly sexy and I experienced some difficulty in disconnecting myself from being ‘just a mom’. I had to learn how to be a partner and a lover again. Once the kids grew older and more self-sufficient we started to create a little more room for us again. Quickly we realised that we didn’t lose our touch, we loved each other so much and we fit so well together. In the recent years, we have started experimenting in the sexual part of our marriage. We bought a book about bondage, however, it turned out I wasn’t really into that. Too constricting. After this we gave pegging a chance, Steve didn’t really fancy it. We are of the opinion that you have to try everything before you say ‘no’. Because these last years made us grow closer again old fantasies came popping up. Steve had always said he would like to see me with another man.

The first hurdle to cross is: who are you going to ask for this? After brainstorming we both came to the same conclusion, Ron. Ron is a man who has been our friend for a while now. He occasionally comes around for a drink and we had dinner with him and his then girlfriend a couple of times. I got to know his girlfriend first, in the gym. We clicked and it turned out the four of us were a great pair. Unfortunately, they broke up. She moved up north and Ron stayed in his appartment, in Den Bosch, close to where we live. He comes over now and again and tells us, after a few drinks of course, about his passionate sex life. Steve and I love listening to these stories. Ron is a very fit, handsome man somewhere in his forties. His dark hair has grown a bit longer than it was and now falls over his eyes when he doesn’t wear any gel or wax. His eyes are dark and he has a broad, strong jawline, usually covered in a bit of stubble. Being fit is very important to him, he spends all his free time in the gym. He’s athletic, muscular and all in all super manly. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to take it.

A few weeks ago, after a night of heavy drinking, my husband told him about our idea – out of the blue. I was quite shocked, we didn’t agree on asking him tonight. Ron looked at us from our big armchair. His eyes were big as he looked from me to Steve. You mean, like, fuck.. her? Your wife? Diana? Steve nodded his head and turned his head to look at me. I took a big swig of my wine and nodded back. Ron shook his head. You two, you’re freaking crazy you know that. Just when you thought you heard it all. I sighed. I knew he was going to say no. He slapped his thighs. Okay, let’s do it. Holy shit, did he just say ‘let’s do it’? My eyes got big and I checked in with Steve. His smile nearly broke his face. Jezus dude, this is fucking awesome. Steve got up off the sofa to fistbump Ron, who happily fistbumped him back. So we’re really going to do this, huh. Ron smiled. Well, your fuck wish is my command.

Steve booked a nice suite for the occasion. We enter the room – just the two of us – and see that it’s super spacious. There’s a king size bed in the middle of the room and just across it there are two big arm chairs with a desk in the middle. Steve puts his bag on the bed and starts messing with the lighting of the room. Hey, this is quite cool! He says while pushing all the buttons. Oh man look, there’s even a strip of LED lights around the bed! I see lights around the bed go from white, to blue and finally to red. My God, it looks like we’re in the red light district, how fitting. I joke and look at Steve. Defeated, he lowers his arms and shoulders with the remote in hand. Oh honey please, I’m just kidding. The red looks good. I know how much you like this technology stuff, I think it’s cute. I walk towards him and put my hand on his cheek before I give him a big kiss on the mouth. While unpacking my stuff I see Steve grab his bag and pull out a bottle of whisky. A wee dram for the nerves milady, he jokes while talking in a Scottish accent. I laugh at him and shake my head while I walk towards the bathroom. I see a bathtub and a walk-in shower. Oh, honey, let’s take a nice hot shower together. Steve followed me into the bathroom and puts his hands around my waist from behind me. Through the mirror we make eye contact. We smile at each other. His mouth feels warm in my neck when he speaks. You’re so gorgeous, honey. Thank you for everything. He then starts pulling off my top, I pull down my pants. He undresses too and together we get into the shower. We chat, laugh and wash each other lovingly.

I’m in my bathrobe, lying on the bed, enjoying a book that I brought. Yes, I’m feeling a bit nervous, but I’m trying to hide it by not looking at the clock or at Steve. Steve is slowly pacing from the bed towards the window that looks out on the parking lot. The lights in the room have been switched from blue to red three times already, before he chose to settle on red again. I don’t see him yet honey, I thought we agreed he would be here at seven? Relax hon, it’s only five past seven, he’ll be here, don’t worry. Steve sighs, pulls the belt on his bathrobe a little tighter and walks back to the bed. He flops his body next to mine. Not a minute later, someone knocks on the door. Hey guys, it’s Ron! His voice is muffled by the door. Steve springs into action, quickly reaches the door and opens it. Ron is in the opening of the door, casually holding a bottle of wine. He doesn’t look uncomfortable or nervous in the slightest. It’s almost like he does this on a weekly basis. Steve greets Ron and beckons him to come inside. Ron looks nonchalant as he flings his jacket on the coat rack and puts down the bottle of wine on the desk. Immediately, he makes himself comfortable by sitting down in one of the comfy arm chairs. Nice room, you guys. He sounds relaxed and cheery. Then his gaze goes from me to Steve. Oh, you guys are already in your bath robes. Would you like me to do the same, or…? I feel myself stammering a bit when I talk. Oh don’t worry, we just took a shower together, you know, nice and fresh. Ron smiles at me and Steve. That’s perfect, I also took a shower at home before I came here. So, I guess we’re all nice and fresh. Neat. The silence is almost becoming uncomfortable but then, Ron breaks it. Wine, anyone? He gets up and starts opening the bottle and pouring wine in three glasses. I slip off the bed and walk towards Steve and Ron. Steve is already holding a glass of wine and he takes a big gulp. I poke him with my elbow. Honey don’t be impolite, we need to cheers first. He looks guilty and we cheers, all three of us. We give each other a little nod. My eyes go from Ron to Steve, they are both laughing.

Steve takes his glass to one of the arm chairs and settles down with a satisfied sigh. Ron follows Steve with his eyes and then looks at me. He puts his glass on the desk and takes a step towards me to do the same to my glass. From the corner of my eye I see Steve taking another nervous swig. He’s been looking forward to this for SO long. Ron takes my hand and gently leads me to the bed. I can feel the foot end of the bed pressing on the outside of my thigh. We are directly in Steve’s line of sight, just a few feet away from him. Ron takes my cheek in his hand and leans in for a kiss. I kiss him back, hesitantly. I break off our kiss and look at Steve. He nodds his head encouragingly and has a big smile on his face. This is what he wants. Ron kisses me again and lets his hand slide all the way from my neck down to my boob, all the way to my ass. I pull at Ron’s sweater and as it comes off, so does his t-shirt. His upper body makes me stare for a bit. His chest is chiseled and I almost can’t believe I’m looking at a man in his forties. I glance at Steve and see he too, is enjoying the view. My hands slide over his shoulders down to his arms and I like the way it feels. Warm, soft but rock hard at the same time. Ron looks at me with a smile and then lets his pecks jump up and down on command. I laugh out loud and immediately I feel my nerves calm a bit. I hear Steve chuckle from his chair. My hands go towards Ron’s belt buckle and I loosen it and pull out his belt. I undo his button and his pants come down. He swiftly kicks off his shoes and takes off his socks. He’s left with only his underwear. Then he leans in and kisses me again, with tongue this time. Meanwhile I feel his hands loosening the belt of my bath robe. Especially for the occasion, I bought new lingerie. I’m wearing a black garter, black stockings, black thong and a black lace bra. He gives a little wolf-whistle. Looking hot! I laugh and feel my cheeks go red. I hear Steve agreeing from his chair. My wife’s a looker, isn’t she?

“His warm tongue feels sexy and I let the feeling take me away. He obviously knows what he’s doing.”

Ron slowly kisses my neck and I turn my head towards Steve. He looks at me encourigangly and I see that his robe has loosened and his dick is getting hard. Ron’s hands knead my breasts and continue along down to my ass. With one hand he expertly loosens my bra and frees my boobs. He takes them in his hands and massages them gently. Then he makes me sit on the edge of the bed where he loosens my garter and pulls down my thong and stockings. He pushes me back a little so that I’m more comfortable but I can still see Steve when I look over his head. I see Steve is caressing his penis, gently. He looks at me with horny eyes, I can see he is super turned on. My eyes are also half closed and I feel encouraged and more aroused by seeing Steve enjoy himself. Ron has pulled down his own boxershorts in the meantime and starts kissing from my knee all the way up to my inner thigh. He reaches my already wet vagina and starts kissing and licking it. He goes up to my clit and I feel him licking it. His warm tongue feels sexy and I let the feeling take me away. He obviously knows what he’s doing. He takes me to the edge of an orgasm and then suddenly stops. My eyes shoot open and I look at him with surprise. He laughs but doesn’t give me one more moment to think about it as he lifts me up by my waist and throws me further back on the bed. Afterwards, he looks over his shoulder and beckons Steve to come and take a closer look.

I’m on my back and Ron comes crawling towards me on hands and knees, like predator to prey. He starts to knead and lick my breasts and I take a sneaky look downstairs. I see his dick is rock hard. He’s so big, I think to myself. Steve leisurely walks over to the bed, his bath robe on the ground and his penis sticking forward. He kneels besides the bed and his head is on the same level as mine. He looks me deep into my eyes while Ron touches me. He slips in one finger, then two. I’m so ready for him. Lovingly, Steve caresses my hair. An intense feeling of happiness comes over me as I see the joy and love in his eyes. Ron takes his big dick into his hands and expertly slides on a condom. Then he lets the tip of his dick touch my wet vagina. I sigh when his tip comes in and I moan as he slides all the way into my pussy. Steve looks from me to Ron’s dick and I see the approval in his eyes. He keeps touching my hair and I am almost sure he’s stroking his own dick right now as well. Ron lifts his upper body, takes my legs and puts them over his shoulder. His immense cock goes deeper still. With every thrust I can’t help but moan. He starts to fuck me harder, more intense. Meanwhile he stimulates my clit in between my thighs with his thumb. The feeling of an upcoming orgasm is starting to come back. As I hear Ron’s lower body hit my butt with every pump I start to unravel. I feel Steve touching my hair and when I look over at him I see his mouth is ajar and his face has turned red. He’s edging, just rubbing his dick until he almost comes and then stops.

I start to breathe deeper and focus on the sensation of Ron’s monsterous dick inside my pussy and his thumb on my clit. Steve touching my neck and whimpering brings me over te edge. I climax hard on Ron’s dick and my pussy contracts with each wave of pleasure that comes over me. He notices too. His pumps are starting to go harder, deeper, until he also finishes in loud moan. Next to me Steve orgasms hard, I even think I can hear drops of his sperm hit the laminate flooring. All three of us are panting, we’re exhausted. Ron pulls out and walks towards the bathroom. Steve swipes a tissue over the floor and then comes back to me. He gives me an intense, loving kiss. Honey, you were so beautiful, it was so fucking intense. I feel flattered and happy because I made his ultimate fantasy come true. So, you liked it then? I ask. Steve nods his head vigorously. My God, yes! It was amazing! We kiss again and almost forget that Ron is still in the hotel room.

So… Ron says while walking out of the bathroom, dick half flacid. Wine, anyone?

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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