maart 1, 2022


€2,500.-. That is the exact amount of money I got paid to be here tonight, at his exclusive sex party.

My client was a charming man in his fifties who was extraordinarily rich. He often organised lavish parties where drinking, gambling and general debauchery went hand in hand. Usually, pretty girls dwelled the halls of his big country house, half-naked. His guests, only consisting out of powerful and rich men, drank, ate and fucked what and who they liked. A true bacchanal is how you could describe it best. As it happens, I am his favourite.

Getting out of the limo, I feel the cold air gushing by my feet. My stilettos are only held together by thin, gold chains that tickle against my feet at every step. The dress I am wearing is cut all the way to my belly button and my back is totally uncovered. He sent it to my appartment a week before the party. How he got the size right still remains a mystery. The dress fits like a glove. A big feather adorns my hair and I am wearing a small golden mask to hide half my face. The mask is mandatory since tonight’s theme is masquerade. Of course, chosen with much care. Almost all the men inside didn’t want to be recognised – I had to sign an NDA before I could even attend. My golden necklace feels cold on my chest and I feel the tassles of my matching earrings against the sides of my neck. Both were gifts from him as well, given on another occassion. My lips are painted red and my eyes are simply made up. Brown half-long hair hangs on my shoulders and is held back by a golden clip. Seeing my breasts move with every step I notice my nipples potruding through my dress because of the cold. The satin, gold-coloured fabric leaves little to the imagination. When I enter the reception area a lackey hands me a lily with a card attached to it. ‘Only one gentleman is allowed to pick your flower tonight’. I like these kind of riddles.

Another lackey takes my shawl and I click-clack my way through the long hallway. The marble floor is impeccably polished and exudes wealth. The hall is lit by candles, making it look dark and ominous yet cozy. I think I know the layout of the house by now, it’s not the first time I’ve been here. While I walk into the first room I see men and women with naked chests serving champagne and caviar. I expertly grab a glass of champagne from the nearest tray and take a big swig. Hmm, this is the expensive shit. As I walk further into the room I see a lot of masked heads turning my way. Some try to whisper inconspicuously and some talk out loud about me. Men are wearing smokings and the ladies are all dressed scarce. Most of them wear revealing dresses made out of silk or satin. Some ladies have an intricate updo and others let their hair fall loose around their shoulders. One lady is wearing a dog collar around her neck. Letting my eyes wander the room I soon realise that the man I am searching for is not here. Chugging my champagne I quickly put away my glass and set foot towards the hall, leading to the other rooms of the house. Before I reach the hallway I feel a guy grabbing my arm. Where are you going, gorgeous? I yank my arm from his grip. Nowhere with you, that’s for sure. I reply candidly. Two men that are standing close to him snicker. His mouth falls open as if he were to say something but I don’t stick around to find out.

Walking through a dark room I hear someone moaning. There is a man in a big arm chair and in between his thighs there is a woman in a red dress. She has his dick in her mouth and her head goes up and down in a slow rhythm. The man raises his glass at me while I pass, I nod at him. Reaching the hallway a cacophony of sounds reaches my ears. I hear the crack of a whip, groaning, stumbling and the all too familiar sound of skin slapping on skin. I adjust my mask and roam leisurely through the hallway. When I look in the doors I can see the scenes that match the sounds I just heard. One room has a woman hanging from a big cross, ass towards the door. A man is whipping her and she moans every time the whip comes into contact with her buttox. The man is still fully dressed but I see his hard dick sticking out of his pants. The next door reveals a woman being penetrated by two men. One of them is lying on the bed underneath her, his thick cock in her pussy. Above her, another man is simultaneously fucking her asshole. They move in the same rhythm and take turns to fill her up. She moans as the men growl with enjoyment. The second to last door reveals a man with a puppy mask, crawling around the room on his hands and knees. The woman, wearing high stilettos, is guiding him by a leash. He barks and she comments on his good behaviour. Silently, I tiptoe towards the final door and peek in. I see a man standing against the wall, his pants fallen to his ankles. Behind him is another man, ass cheeks bare, who is guiding his dick towards his asshole. He starts fucking the dude against the wall, slowly. They both moan and breathe heavily. I decide to walk on. Everything I’ve seen has made me flustered. I love sex and everything that has to do with it. The noises, the smells, the sights. I guess I’ve chosen the right profession.

As I push the doors at the end of the hallway open with both hands I hear familiar sounds of pleasure and enjoyment coming my way again. Men and women moan and groan on all sides. I walk straight through the middle of the room because I see the stairs that I need to take to get where I’m going. One couple that’s kissing pulls me towards them. The man’s mouth falls open and I see his eyes glimmer behind his mask. His woman brings her lips to mine and we French kiss for a second or two. I hear him mumbling approvingly. She lets her hands roam my body and I feel my nipples getting hard through my dress again. After finishing with a sensual lick of her lips I let her go, her hand slowly sliding from my grip. I know I’m supposed to find him as soon as possible but a little diversion has never hurt anyone. He said nothing about kissing women, you know. To my right a woman is being bent over a biliard table and fucked from behind. To my left I see two women pleasuring a man at the same time, one sucking on his dick and the other one licking his balls. He has his hands placed possessively on their heads and nodds at me while I pass them. Arriving at the stairs I have to push past two gentlemen kissing. Excuse me, sorry, I need to use the stairs. They look up for a minute, step to the side and then continue kissing. My heels make small sounds on the marble stairs and I feel the chains on my shoes against my skin again. The room I end up in is big and dark and I see that I’ve reached the library. In the back of the room, a bright fire is burning in the fireplace. I can see seven chairs, standing in front of the fireplace in a semi-circle. A few metres in front of the fire there’s a small, rectangular bench, covered in red leather. The chairs all have thair backs towards me and I walk closer and slide my hand over the chairs. I see men looking at me from behind their masks, their mouths are stoically closed. Finally, I smell a familiar scent on the fourth chair, directly across from the fireplace. I walk around it and then, I recognise him. His green eyes glimmer through his mask.

Well found, he growls. I would’nt miss you for the world, I say seductively. He slaps his hand on his knee. I sit down, my legs to one side. Have you seen anyhting fun, he asks while softly wiping my hair to one side. I did, sir, I answer him. He laughs and I feel his belly moving on my side. Like, what? His low voice resonates in my body. He lets one of his fingers go down all the way from my neck, my chest, towards my belly button. Too much to recall, sir. I smile at him. When I look to my right and over to the other side I see the six men looking at us intently. Get up, gorgeous, we’ve been waiting for you. We get up and he guides me to the small bench by hand. We were almost growing impatient, you know. While talking he puts me against the bench, my calves touching the cool leather and my back being warmed by the fire. I look up at him and he slowly lets the straps of my dress slide down my arms. The slipperiness and weight of the fabric means it comes sliding straight down. My big breasts show themselves and my nipples instantly get hard through the touch of the satin. I am not wearing any underwear, as requested. The excitement is already taking the upper hand as I wonder what he has in store for me. He takes my hand and spins me around, slowly. The men on the seats mumble compliments and sound content. I feel like a prize horse being shown, a testiment to years of good breeding. Only wearing my stilettos and mask I am revelling in the attention that I’m getting.

“He lets go of my head and pulls back. I lick my red lips seductively while I look up at him from behind my mask.”

He pushes his hands on my shoulders and I sit down on the bench. The cold leather touches my ass and labia as I’m looking right at his crotch. He zips open his smoking pants and he pushes down his underwear. Routinely, I take his hard dick in my hand and inch my mouth closer. As I start sucking his cock he puts his hands on my head with a growl. Showing off my deepthroat talents to the audience I hear them murmur and I hear them lowering their zippers as well. As he takes over he starts fucking my mouth at a leisurely pace. His penis is not huge, nor is it small. His balls are big and heavy and they touch my chin sometimes. He lets go of my head and pulls back. I lick my red lips seductively while I look up at him from behind my mask. You are a true godess, he says. Let me show these men how perfect your pussy looks, he says as he helps me stand up again. With his help I turn around on my hands and knees, pussy for everyone to see. He mumbles approvingly while he slides his hands over my ass. He slips one finger by my wet vagina and I hiss from excitement. He notices and slides his finger deep inside my pussy. I moan and I hear sounds of men fumbling with their pants and underwear all around me. His one hand is on his own dick, tugging gently, the other one is pleasuring me. Now, two fingers slide in and out of me. I squirm when he goes by my g-spot and I take a deep sigh. He pulls out and orders me to go and lie on my back. He sounds excited. I turn around and my back is now on the stool, my feet on the ground. Isn’t she lovely, gentlemen? I have something to show you. The men sound interested as they shift forward in their seats to get a closer look. I will demonstrate some of her finer qualities.

Open your legs, he tells me. I open my legs wide and put my feet on either sides of the bench. My pussy is now bare and for everyone to see. He takes place between my legs and slides two fingers inside of me. The repeating beckoning move tells me one thing, he wants to see me squirt. I take a deep breath and feel the familiar tension building up inside of me. As he ups the tempo I feel him stimulating my g-spot with every movement of his hands. It feels like I need to pee and I let the feeling come over me, I relax fully and ride the wave. As I moan I tell him not to stop. Yes, come darling, show us what you’ve got. He sounds full of anticipation. As he stimulates me to a huge climax he tells the gentlemen around him to pay attention. I feel watched and it turns me on even more. Climaxing heavily I feel myself wetting my legs and the bench beneath me. I squirt some more and finally the waves of pleasure pass. When I lift my head somewhat I see that his shirt has fallen victim to my bodily fluids. I see a pleased grin on his face as he looks at me. Are you ready for more, gorgeous? His voice sounds intense. I nod my head yes, my mouth a bit open and breathing heavily. He pulls me upright and I feel my own wetness underneath my ass and pussy. He is stroking his dick while he asks me to get on my hands and knees again. As I turn around I feel my knees now getting wet. Patiently I wait as I feel him coming closer. He rubs his penis against my wet vagina and makes it slippery wet. Then, he pushes it in, first the tip, then the rest. I sigh and moan lightly. He starts moving fast already and I feel that it won’t take long for him to come. My boobs sway by his thrusts and he grabs my ass thightly on both sides. As he starts pounding me harder he groans loudly. I hear men moaning in their seats as they rub their dicks. He fucks my pussy harder and deeper still. Then, a few final thrusts before he moans loudly and empties his balls inside of me.

He pulls out slowly. Right gentlemen, that spot is all mine, he says possessively. He grabs hold of my elbow and turns me around, my naked butt is on the bench again. His semen mixes with the residual fluids of my squirting orgasm. So, where may the other gentlemen come? His grin grows wider. I frown while I ponder what I would like to have happen. My biggest fantasy was to get jizzed on by a group of men. Well, when in Rome. I put my hands under my boobs and lift them up a bit. Here, seems like a nice place, don’t you think, sir? My voice sounds hoarse from excitement. His brows rise an inch above his mask. Hmm, we’ll make a nice work of art out of you yet, godess. His voice sounds hot. When I look around I see all the men jerking off a bit more vigorously. Push those big tits closer to each other, he orders me. I put my underarms underneath my breasts to push them closer and higher. These look like two perfect places to put your cum, don’t they gentlemen? The men around us guffaw in approval.

The first stranger takes a step forward. His dick is close to my mouth and he is tugging on it at quite a speed. I hear him groan and his breathing is irregular. I’m going to finish on those tits, is all he can say before bursting into an orgasm. Thick, white lines shoot across my boobs. When he is all done he takes a step back and his place is immediately filled by another guy. He stands a bit more to my side as he rubs his dick with a fervour. When he shoots his load on my breasts they are already slippery with cum. He shoots one big string of cum all the way to my arm. He hasn’t even quite finished yet or another guy comes in and ejaculates almost at once. He groans hard as he shoots his sperm across my breasts. I feel drips of cum going over my arms and in between my boobs. The smell is pungent but it turns me on. Next is number three, number four and number five. The last man coming towards me, number six, takes a hard look at the work of art my breasts and arms have become. Everything is covered in glistening threads of cum. He is pulling on his dick and lets his thumb go over the head of his penis with every movement. He looks at me intently from behind his mask and I stare up at him, mouth a little open. I see he is making an effort not to come right away. Hmm, you look so hot, he says. Finally, he hisses as he orgasms and shoots his load – a lot of it – on my bare skin. As he takes a step back the host comes back in sight. He has fixed his clothing and looks impeccable again. Well, gorgeous, this was your reward. You were worth every penny, Lily. He hands me a big, white towel that allows me to wipe most of the semen off my body. Go take a bath in the adjacent room and see what other pleasures you want to discover tonight. I’m sure you will have fun. He grins. You know the way?

Yes sir. I nod at him and bite my lower lip. I know the way.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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