februari 18, 2022

My assistant

Placing my feet on my desk I lean back in my chair. I’m so fucking bored. My appointment has been cancelled and now I’m suddenly free for the next two hours or so. Impatiently, I click my heels together and take a detailed look at my nails. Hmm, I see a chip. I sigh and pick my nail file up from my desk. Just when I blow some filings off my fingers someone knocks on the door. Yes? Annoyed, I look up and see that it’s Jonathan, my assistant. Black hair, hipster haircut and a well-kempt beard. Underneath his dark, full brows are two brown, intelligent eyes. He’s athletic and muscular but not too much, not the steroid induced kind. He dresses casually, nothing spectacular. Today he’s wearing a polo and blue pants. I have no clue in hell as to why he is my assistant, God knows he’s super overqualified. Do I mind that he’s my assitant though? Oh hell no. Since the first time I saw him I’ve been fantasizing about ripping off those casual clothes and feeling his beard touch my naked skin.

He sticks his handsome face through the door and looks a little surprised to find my feet sticking towards him up on the desk. Eh, Jessica, I’ve got some paperwork for you, you know, to sign, with, eh.. your signature. I roll my eyes and sigh. Enter, I say while taking my feet off the desk. In his eyes I can see that he got a sneak peek at my naked pussy underneath my skirt. Actually, I always go commando. You never know when it might come in handy. Lightly shaking his head I see him averting his eyes. I grin. I’ve got you now, Jonathan. He stands in front of my desk and shuffles some papers around. Sign here, here, oh and also here. Quickly, I sign the papers and put my pen down on the desk with a loud thump. Will that be all? I say while I raise my eyebrows. Yes, eh, yes I believe so. He grabs the papers from my desk and hastily puts them back in their folders. Another coffee, please, Jonathan. My appointment has just cancelled. His eyes shoot towards mine. Coffee, yes, right, I’ll go get it at once. He lingers in front of my desk. Yes, Jonathan? He grows visibly uncomfortable. Nothing, I’m sorry, I’m going to get your coffee now. He makes a run for the door and slams it shut behind him. How awkward. Suddenly, I feel myself getting curious as to how awkward he would be in bed.

A decent 10 minutes later I hear a soft knock on my door again. I stop scrolling through Instagram and sigh. Yes, come in. My voice resembles my mood; mild frustration. I hear the coffee cup rattling on the saucer as Jonathan comes walking in. With all of his attention focused on the coffee he walks towards my desk in a straight line. Then, he puts it down and spills some coffee over the edge. I raise one brow while I stare at the spectacle that unfolds before me. Shit, damn, sorry, I’ll go grab a towel or something. Never mind, I say to him. Next, I get up from my chair. His eyes grow big. I walk towards him like a cat stalking her prey. Bluntly, I ask him what I want to know. Did I just see you catching a glimpse of my naked pussy, Jonathan? My lips are pretty close to his ear. I see his adam’s apple twitch while he swallows, hard. Aha, there we are. So I was right. He licks his lips and stares into the void, his eyes wide. Look at me, I command. He slowly turns his head and, for what feels like the first time, looks directly into my eyes. Do you think I am attractive, Jonathan? He nervously nods his head yes. I take one of his hands and place them on my breast. He squeezes it routinely. Uh, uh, uh, slow it down boy. I decide what happens today. Just as he opens his mouth to talk I put my index finger on his lips. He swallows again. Suddenly, he takes my finger in his mouth and starts sucking on it, all the while maintaining eye contact.

The particular sensation of his tongue on my index finger feels hot and suddenly I’m even more turned on. Grabbing his hand I lead him towards my pussy, underneath my skirt. While sucking my finger he tenderly searches for my clit. At a slow pace, he caresses me and then I feel the tip of his middle finger push inside of me. I close my eyes, pull my finger out his mouth and lean back, my butt touching the desk. Jonathan inches closer and I feel his hard body close to mine. His close proximity warms my skin through the fabric of my blouse. I run both hands over his arms, starting at his wrists and continuing all the way to the top of his shoulders. Jonathan continues to finger me, ever so slowly and gently. He’s driving me crazy. Abruptly, I stop his hand from moving by grabbing his wrist. My eyes shoot towards the door. Lock it, Jonathan, I command him. Retracting his hand he swiftly walks to the door and locks it. When walking back his stature seems altered, more confident. I highly appreciate this change in his demeanour and my arousal increases significantly, So there’s some zest in him yet. Undress me, I order him. He has an intense look in his eyes while he opens the buttons of my blouse. Slowly he pushes it back over my shoulders. My full bosom is pushed up in my bra and I see that he cannot disguise his fascination. I grin. He pushes them against each other with both his hands and pushes his face in between. His beard brushes on my skin, exactly like I imagined it would. I moan when I feel his warm tongue go over my skin. Next, he unzips my skirt and as it falls down to the ground I step out of it. He stares at my perfectly matched lingerie and my naked pussy. My granny used to say that you should dress every day like it could be your last. You never know when you might get into a car accident and they have to cut the clothes off your body. Better to look sexy at all times.

“I proudly show off my body. His eyes exhibit arousal as he drinks it all in, pupils dialating.”

Dressed in my dark blue bra, garters with matching stockings and pumps I proudly show off my body. His eyes exhibit arousal as he drinks it all in, pupils dialating. Giving Jonathan a little push against his chest he falls back into the chair that is directly in front of my desk. I turn around slowly, putting my hands on the desk and pushing my booty in his direction. His hands glide from the back of my thighs up to my butt and he massages my cheeks. Touch me, I say. One of his hands slips between my thighs and with his index finger he finds my clit. I sigh and push my butt further in his direction. In the meantime he pushes his middle finger in my pussy. The rhythm of his fingers is hypnotising and I start to move a little with my hips. I snap off my bra and touch my own breasts, squeezing my nipples. Next, I feel his index finger leave my clit and join his middle finger in my pussy. His big, long fingers are driving me crazy. Lick me, I command him. His fingers leave my vagina and I feel him getting on his knees behind me. With my hands still flat on the desk I feel his face approaching my pussy. He starts licking me, his beard and mustache scraping against my sensitive skin. The long, slow movements he makes with his tongue put me in a frenzy. Faster, I growl at him. Just some more speed and I can climax. His tongue moves faster, more focused on my clit. Use your fingers, I say. While continually licking my clit he also manages to involve one of his fingers. He slides it in my wet vagina and ups the tempo of his tongue some more. Hmm, yes, that’s what I mean, I moan.

While I feel the pressure build inside of me I lean down on my elbows. My heavy boobs touch the desk and the cold feels good on my nipples. The familiar tension in my lower abdomen suggests that I’m about to come. Don’t stop, I pant. He’s frantically licking my pussy and I hear that he’s getting a bit out of breath. Strangely, this excites me even more. Lick faster, I groan. His tongue makes rapid motions and then I explode into an orgasm. My arms no longer able to carry my weight, I let myself fall on the desk, cheek on the cold wood. Fuck, yes, yes! I encourage him while waves of pleasure exude through my body from my clit. His breath warms my labia as I feel him panting from exertion. You can stop now, I say when my orgasm fades. I lift my upper body and look back at him, over my shoulder. Get up, I beckon him. Meanwhile I feel my own fluids, mixed with his saliva, on my thighs. Let me see your dick, I say to him. His hands fumble with his pants and I see him pulling down his underwear and taking out his enormous cock. My eyes grow big with surprise and I can’t stop my mouth from falling open a bit. Jesus, what a monster, I say when looking him in the eyes. I see he has a shy grin on his face. I guess he knows damn well what kind of weapon he was hiding in his pants.

Fuck my pussy, now. I pull my buttox to the side a bit to give him all the room he needs. His huge dick slides by my vet vagina in an attempt to wet it. Spit on it, I urge him. Behind my back I hear him spit on the tip of his dick and smear it. Then the tip pushes against my pussy again. The head of his dick pushes in and I hiss as I take a deep breath. I moan as he holds his dick with one hand and tries to push it in further. Knowing his dick is not even halfway in there I breathe in and out deeply. Moving slowly he thrusts deeper and deeper and I quiver as I feel him fill me all the way. Now fuck me, I say while looking at him again. Looking very focused and horny he grabs my ass on both sides. His eyes stare challengingly into mine as he slides his thick cock in and out of me with more ease now. My eyes close automatically, trying to handle the sensation of pain and pleasure. I turn my head and lower myself down on my elbows again. Harder, fuck me harder, I order him. He growls as he starts fucking me harder, slamming his penis deep into my pussy. Faster, I say. Jonathan pushes his fingers into the flesh of my hips as he picks up the pace. Reveling in the feeling of his dick going in and out of me I lay myself down on the desk. One of my hands reaches in between my legs and there I feel his slick cock sliding in and out of my pussy. This monster is like none I have ever had before. I feel almost compelled to start touching myself. My fingers find their way to my clit and I stimulate myself, hard and fast. As he keeps thrusting I can feel my climax coming once more.

Harder, Jonathan, fuck me harder, do it! My voice is raised as I moan the words. Encouraged by my words he braces himself and pounds my pussy even harder than before. His cock hurting me in combination with his hands squeezing my hips bring me over the edge. I climax around his dick, the feeling is so intense that Jonathan cannot help but come too. He groans and growls loudly while he fucks my pussy raw. At the end of his climax he stops moving and uses his hand to slide his dick out of me. I turn my body around, panting, placing my butt against the edge of the desk again. My back is wet and I also feel sweat trickling down between my boobs. I look at Jonathan’s polo and see that he has sweat stains under his armpits and on his chest. His dick is still throbbing as he tries to put it back in his underwear. Meanwhile, a trail of semen comes down my leg. Wiping it away with two fingers I look at Jonathan as I put them in my mouth, licking his sperm from my fingers. Hmm, I moan approvingly. His eyes grow big and his mouth falls slightly ajar. He is breathing heavily and I can still see the contours of his half flacid dick in his pants.

I pick my blouse and skirt up from the ground and look directly into his eyes again. Lightly, I caress his beard with one of my hands. My coffee is cold, Jonathan. I would like a new one. His dark brows furrow as he looks questioningly from me towards the cup of cold coffee on my desk. I raise one eyebrow and cross my arms over my naked boobs, pushing them towards each other again.

Well, did I stutter?

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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