januari 28, 2022

My temptation

As I open the door I see a couple standing outside. Simone and Max, finally. It was high time this dinner date happened. We greet each other enthusiastically, three kisses on the cheeks and a big hug. My husband takes their coats and hangs them on the coat rack. Simone and I quickly strike up an animated conversation as we walk into the kitchen. We compliment each other on our new clothing and our hairstyles. As she breathes in deeply she asks me what smells so good. I smile modestly. Oh, this? Nothing special, just a simple curry. My husband guides Max towards the garage where he is – most likely – showing him his collection of craft beers.
Wine? I ask Simone. She agrees. What have you got? She asks curiously. I especially bought a nice Sauvignon which would go well with our food for tonight. While I pull the bottle from the fridge Simone pulls two glasses out of the kitchen cabinet. She knows her way around our house and I feel happy knowing that she is so comfortable here. I open the bottle and pour her glass half full, then I fill mine. Condensation appears almost immediately on the outisde of our glasses, the wine is super cold. As I reach to hand Simone her wine glass, our fingers brush past each other. I pull away my hand and try to avoid eye contact. Cheers, Simone says, while holding up her glass. Cheers, I reply. To a lovely night. Simone curls up one corner of her mouth. Yes, to a lovely night.

About fifteen minutes later we are all sitting at the dinner table. We engage in lively conversation and gossip about a few friends we share. The bottle of wine gets emptier by the minute, it seems. I feel my cheeks are starting to turn red while I passionately tell a funny story. Every other sentence I look over at Simone. I want to make her laugh. Sometimes our eye contact lingers for just a little too long. Am I the only one noticing this?
Max, her boyfriend, is a handsome man. He always looks stylish, dressed to the tee. Towards Simone he acts warm and lovingly. His dark hair shows a few dashes of grey, however, this suits him.
Simone is gorgeous. A perfect body, athletic yet feminine. She has long, dark curls and icy blue eyes. Her skin is ivory and smooth. Full, pink lips at the bottom of her perfectly symmetrical face. Her eyebrows are dark around her almond-shaped eyes. She didn’t put on too much make-up for tonight’s occasion, just a little mascara to emphasize her long lashes. It was not like she needed any make-up.
I let my eyes wander back towards her lips and I feel embarrassed when she tilts her head and searches for my gaze. I smile foolishly and hastily pour some more wine in both our glasses. A little wine spills, I feel like a nervous fool. Suddenly, I feel a cold hand in the nape of my neck and I let out a shrill cry. Woo there girl, it’s just me. My husband playfully pinches my neck between his fingers. You’re feeling hot, aren’t you babe? I nod my head in affirmation and rush to open a window. When I sit back down I feel Simone’s eyes burn on me. Her eyes look playful and her fine lips curl in a naughty smile. Again, I can feel my mind wandering as I look at her.

“Finally, my fantasy becomes reality. I never could have imagined how sensual a woman’s kiss would be”

Simone takes a step towards me, her nose almost touches mine. I look away, down at my feet. Then I feel the outside of her index and middlefinger against my cheek. Softly, I close my eyes. A sigh escapes and a thrill runs down my spine. The route her fingers take is followed by goosebumps. I feel hot and cold at the same time. When I open my eyes she’s looking straight into mine. Her icy blue eyes are complex, I can see countless shades of blue. She slowly bats her lashes while placing her hand, palm down, on my cheek. I feel warmed by her touch and next I feel her lips press against mine, soft, feminine, doubting. Gently, I kiss back and let my lips brush against hers. Her other hand wraps around my waist and pulls me in closer. Our breasts touch each other through our blouses and I feel them caving a bit under the pressure of our bodies. One of my hands goes around her waist and slides down to her ass. I squeeze one cheek and I hear a sigh escape through her mouth. My other hand goes up from her belly to her boob and I caress her nipple through her blouse and bra. Our kiss grows more intense, her tongue touches mine. My hunger for her increases with every second. Finally, my fantasy becomes reality. I never could have imagined how sensual a woman’s kiss would be.

During our kiss I feel her hands loosen my buttons, in one fell swoop she removes my blouse entirely. She gazes upon my tits and kisses the bare skin above my red bra. I take her chin in between my fingers and gently lock her gaze in mine, a kiss follows. Meanwhile I unfasten her buttons and slide her blouse down her arms. With both my hands I slide down her bra straps. Her pearly white skin really stands out against the black lace fabric. I reach behind her back and set her breasts free. Her firm, perky boobs are revealed and I cannot help but fall in love with them, instantly. She has perfectly round breasts with small nipples that resemble the colour of her lips. I pull on her arms to get her down on her knees, I follow suit. We are both on our knees on the ground as I take one of her nipples between my lips. She lets her hands roam through my sleek, loose hair and she pushes her breast further in my mouth. Soon after, I feel her rummaging around behind my back as she quickly loosens my bra. My breasts have similar nipples, just a bit smaller. With her thumbs she caresses my nipples and I let my head fall back in my neck. She kisses all the way from my ear down to my nipple. I shudder when she leaves one nipple wet from her saliva and continues on to the other. Suddenly, I feel her hands fumble the button and zipper of my jeans. She pulls it down until it’s under my ass, suspended by my thighs. I copy her move, causing her to also be on her knees with her pants half down.

My mouth goes back for a more intense kiss. The soft, feminine edge is gone and we make out like our lives depend on it. I feel her cool hand slip in my panties, her index finger sliding across my wet vagina, palm against my clitoris. I enjoy the way it feels as she slides one finger inside of me and keeps grinding her palm against my clit. Because I want to give her the same pleasure I am experiencing I inch a bit closer and slide my hand in her panties too. Our hard nipples touch each other occasionally while we keep kissing on and off. Our breathing is starting to synchronise. I cheekily push two fingers in her pussy and she moans. As we keep fingering each other I feel a well-known feeling building up inside my abdomen. I think I can come. The excitement, Simone, her gorgeous body, her hand touching me, everything makes me want to erupt. As she starts to grind her clit against my palm I reciprocate by moving mine against her hand. We have a rhythm and our breathing grows deeper, coming from way down in our bellies. My eyes are closed as I focus on the growing pleasure I feel inside. My thighs feel moist with my own juice. Easily, my fingers slide in and out her soaking wet pussy. We pant and I feel my body tensing as the pleasure intensifies. I’m going to come, I whisper in between our kisses. Me too, don’t stop, she replies. The feeling of her fingers, palm and tongue bring me over the edge. In one of the biggest orgasms of my life, I moan and drop my head on her shoulder. Almost simultaneously she also orgasms, hard, and moans in my ear. We continue to stimulate each other until we’ve both had enough. I remove my hand and put my fingers in my mouth, my gaze fixated on her eyes. I see her do the same and make a small sound of approval. I pull her in for a big, passionate kiss in which I can taste myself. My cheeks are burning and my body feels hot.

I feel two cold fingers against my cheek. I jump. Honey, are you okay? You’re not getting ill, are you? I swiftly look to my left and stare into the eyes of my husband. He looks at me questioningly, his eyes big and kind. I mumble that I’m okay, the wine is getting to me, I guess. I look down at my wine glass, embarrassed. With my thumb and index finger I swivel the glass around a couple of times. From the corner of my eye I see Simone is watching me. Her gaze burns my skin and I feel myself burning with shame. When I finally muster up the courage to look up I see that she’s still staring at me. Then, the corner of her mouth curls up in a crooked grin. I see crow’s feet around her eyes and she raises one of her dark brows suggestively.

Did she have the same fantasy?

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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