februari 20, 2022

Special delivery

My hand glides over the bannister while I leisurely make my way upstairs. I’m so BORED. It’s Saturday and all my friends had plans already. What a happy coincidence that I don’t know how to entertain myself. I hate being alone, I’m restless and I’m always looking for the next best thing. Hobbies usually don’t last for more than a month. As it happens, the same goes for my men.

Never had I met a specimen that could keep me interested for long. They just get boring after some time, you know. Suddenly they come up with all these expectations. Cooking, cleaning, being courteous to their nerd friends…
Oh my God, no. I loved the excitement of all that was new and unkown. That particular mix of nerves and fear when you fuck someone for the first time. Everything is so new, you have to get to know all there is about someone. Plus, there are all these firsts that you get to do with each other. After a while, I cheat on my men with someone else with whom I can feel this all over again.

Going into my room I see myself in my standing mirror. I pull down my sweatpants and throw my white top on the unused side of the bed. The last thing to go is my thong. Dramatically, I let myself fall on my bed while uttering a heavy sigh. Staring up at the ceiling, one of my hands routinely grabs for the vibrator that lies in the drawer of my night stand. A soft buzzing sound fills the air when I turn it on. Slowly I slide the vibrator over my pussy in search of the perfect spot. When I find it, I turn the thing up a notch and think about random men that I met in the past few months. That bartender who works at my favorite pub, the bouncer of that fancy club. The supermarket employee, the mailman… They all march through my mind. I decide to focus on the mailman. He had a dark appearance and he always laughs very kindly when dropping off a package. Sometimes he even adds a wink, especially for me. Feeling myself getting into the mood I expect my orgasm to happen soon. To keep myself interested I take the vibrator off my clit for a few seconds. I relax and breathe away the feeling of my impending climax. With renewed ardour I place the vibrator back on my clit. Again, the feeling comes bubbling up. I imagine the mailman at my door without his shirt. Once more, I remove the vibrator for a few seconds. Third time’s the charm. Fantasizing about the mailman’s possibly huge dick I feel my climax building again quickly.

Then my vibrator goes slower, slower, until it stops completely.

God DAMN this shit! I throw the vibrator back into the drawer of the nightstand. I was so fucking close! Frustrated, I slam my fist into the empty pillow next to mine. Then I’m startled. Did I just hear the doorbell ring? Oh, shit, shit, shit, I’m naked! I snatch my top from the bed and quickly hoist my sweatpants up and over my ass. Staggering to the staircase I try to think of what it was that I ordered. Oh crap, I remember. It was that new sexy outfit! I stomp down the stairs at full speed and fling open the door with a dramatic gesture. The mailman smiles politely and shows me the box he’s holding by lifting it up a few more inches. Yes, thank you so much, I say as I stick out my hands. Then I see his eyes fall down to my boobs. I follow his gaze and look at two hard, protruding nipples in my white top. As luck would have it, I’m not the type to blush easily. Directly staring into his eyes, I raise my brows in expectance. He swallows and his brows furrow while a smile starts spreading across his face. I quickly take the package from him and walk inside to put it on my dressor in the hall. Eh, mam, you have to sign here, he says while walking through my doorway. All right, this dude obviously has some balls.

“He grabs my ass and pushes me against the wall, all the jackets on my coat rack pushing on my back.”

Surefooted, I walk in his direction and reach behind him to slam the door shut. He doesn’t flinch and looks directly into my eyes. Like two magnets drawn together our mouths find each other in a steamy kiss. His back is against my door as I push my lower body against his. He tears my white top and unveils my breasts, kneading them with both hands. I pull his shirt over his head, a mixture of sweat and deodorant filling my nose. His musky scent is titillating and it turns me on. He interrupts our kiss to bow his head towards my boobs and he sucks and bites my nipples. Moaning in light surprise I can’t say that I’m disappointed with him taking the initiative. He grabs my ass and pushes me against the wall, all the jackets on my coat rack pushing on my back. Our kiss is hot and hungry. I pull on his belt buckle and his pants drop to his ankles. My hand follows the curve of his buttox and then moves to the front to caress the length of his hard penis in his boxer shorts. I bend forward to take a peek into his underwear and then I expertly drop down to my knees. As I pull down his boxers his dick enthusiastically comes out like a Jack in the box. Hmm, that looks so good, I say seductively while looking up at him. He pushes my head towards his dick and his other hand helps his dick into my mouth. His big, hard cock fills my mouth completely as I give him some sloppy head. My spittle hands around his shaft and drips down to his balls. Pushing his dick as far into my throat as it can go, he is obviously surprised that I can take it so well. He groans contently as he keeps moving his hips in a steady rhythm, sliding his dick in and out of my mouth.

Finally, I let his dick slide out and push myself up from the ground. I have my back against the wall again and he inches closer. I lift one leg up so the pathway to my pussy is clear. I feel two of his rough, callous fingers pass my wet vagina. Once wet, he roughly pushes them in. There is only passion and excitement between us as he fingers me hard and fast. I want his big cock to replace his fingers so I take his dick in my hand and guid it towards my pussy. He retracts his fingers and I feel the tip of his dick go in my pussy. I hold on to his arms and shoulders and he used one of his arms to hoist up my leg. Fuck this pussy, now, I order him. Hmm, he moans and growls as he starts moving inside of me. While he’s fucking my pussy raw I can feel his lower body stimulate clit with every thrust. The pounding movements make my clit tingle and the feeling of an impending orgasm comes rushing in. Who the fuck needs a vibrator if you can have a real dick? I encourage him. Fuck me harder, harder! He pants as he takes my ass into his hands to stuff his dick in deeper. His tempo rises and I feel that I’m about to come. Don’t stop fucking me, make me come. I have his hands around my neck and I pull him in to kiss me again. The feeling of his hot mouth, tongue, big dick and stimulation of my clit take me over the edge. I tear my mouth away from our kiss and moan loudly in his ear and I pull his head in close to me. He keeps pumping and his grip on my butt intensifies. Pounding hard he climaxes in my pussy. He orgasms hard and moans loudly. Then he stops fucking me and his dick slides out.

Panting hard I need the support of the wall in my back to keep standing on my two feet. My thumb goes by my mouth in an effort to remove all the saliva that remains from my blow job and our passionate kisses. He looks at me, his eyes dark. I see his dick is still throbbing as he stuffs it back in his pants.

You are going to make sure that I have to deliver another package here next week, he says in a bold tone. I nod at him, still breathing heavily.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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