februari 14, 2022

Surprising Valentine

When I walk through the door I hit my head on something. I stifle a scream and quickly pull back my head. Like mad I search for the light switch. When the lights come on I sigh. Stupid scaredy cat.

It appears to be a balloon filled with helium, hanging exactly at eye level. I see that there’s a card attached to it and I instantly feel myself getting curious. With my work bag still on my shoulder and my jacket on I read what it says. ‘Search and you shall find‘. The balloon itself has Happy Valentine’s Day written on it. Sneakily, I take a peek through the door to the living room. No Mitchel, huh, that’s weird. I kick off my shoes and hang my coat. When I walk through the door I fling my bag onto the dining table. There I see the next clue. Quickly, I open up the card to see what it reads. ‘Please move yourself to the bedroom‘. Guffawing quietly I feel the tension build up in my lower abdomen. I kind of like surprises.

Walking to the bedroom I see a path of rose petals on the floor. How cliché, Mitchel. As I enter the bedroom I see a black, rectangular box on the rug in front of the bed. There’s a card on top of it. Impatiently, I tear open the envelope and read what it says. ‘Remove all your clothing. Only then are you allowed to open this box‘. Suspiciously, I look over my shoulder. Is this some kind of practical joke? In my mind I can already see myself sitting here butt naked and Mitchel jumping out from somewhere to scare me. The house remains silent so I decide to comply. Game on, I think. I swiftly pull my dress off over my head and continue with my pantyhose. Once again, I take a look at the entrance of the bedroom. No Mitchel. After taking off my bra and panties I take a seat on the rug, the box on my lap. I give it a good shake, just to see if I can guess what’s in it. Unfortunately, I have no clue. When I lift the lid of the box I see a red, satin lining. There are several items in the box and I take them all out carefully. A red lace bra, a red lace garter, black stockings, no panties. Finally I take out a small box. On the front I can see that it’s one of those vibrating eggs in colour Midgnight Black. The egg is inside of a small satin bag and I also find a note. ‘Insert this, put on the lingerie and walk towards the wardrobe‘. Hesitantly, I look around the room. He really did plan this all ahead of time, how creative. The only thing I can’t find is the remote controll for the vibrating egg. Could it be that he’s got it?

I open my night stand and choose water-based lube because the egg is made of silicone. Carefully, I put some lube on the egg, bend my knees and insert it all the way into my vagina. It feels strange, kind of like a big tampon. It takes some getting used to, I guess. I stare at the box that’s now on our bed and decide to get dressed. I put on the bra, then the garter and finally I attach it to my stockings. As I pull open the door of the wardrobe my eyes fall upon a dress wrapped in see-through plastic. Once more, I see a small card with something written on it. ‘Please be so kind as to wear this garment and find your way to your favourite drinking establishment‘. A giggle escapes my lips. My God, what an idiot. A very cute idiot. Obviously, I know right away which café he means. I put the dress on, it’s just long enough to cover the top of my stockings. Good choice Mitchel, I say to myself as I study my new dress in the mirror. The green colour fits me perfectly. My hasty footsteps sound loud on the laminate flooring of our livingroom as I move towards the kitchen. Cold air rushes by my naked labia. I grab my bag and put my phone in. When I enter the bike shed, I see Mitchel’s bike is missing. As I sit down on the bike I feel the egg again. I move around on my saddle but am unable to find a position in which I can’t feel it.

Warm air touches my face as I walk into our favourite café in Utrecht. As I pull down the zipper of my jacket I glance around the room. Mitchel is in the back, towards the toilets and when he sees me he raises his hand. Walking towards him with a smile on my face, I seductively sway my hips. He stands up and kisses me on the lips. Hi babe, he says warmly. Hey sweetie, what a nice surprise! I lift my brows playfully. He lets his eyes wander over my body. That dress was a good choice, I see, he says. You look super hot babe, he says while he pats my ass. As he sits down in the booth he gives a little tap on the seating next to him. I throw my jacket and bag in the chair across from the bench. When I sit down beside him I suddenly feel something vibrate. In shock, I stand back up again and look at him, my eyes wide in surprise. What’s up, babe? He supresses a smile and sounds innocent. I slap his shoulder. Babe, sit down, come. He pats the empty spot next to him again. Slowly, I let myself slip down on the bench next to him, all the while suspiciously maintaining eye contact. As soon as my butt touches the bench, I feel it again. A vibration from within that feels both strange and satisfying. My mouth falls open as I let out a sigh. It stops. My eyes glide towards his pant’s pockets and I see he’s got one hand in his pocket. Aha, the remote control. He bends over to me and whispers in my ear. The battery lasts 1,5 hours, I charged it well. I’m going to make you go insane. Goosebumps appear all over my arms and back. Immediately I feel myself getting hot and tension builds in my lower belly. He turns the egg on again and my eyes roll back for a second. Frantically, I bite my lip to regain some control over my reaction. I sigh heavily and poke him in the side with my elbow. He laughs and turns it off again.

Two beers? A friendly waiter puts down two drinks on our table. Thankfully, I take a big swig. My mouth is dry and I’m suddenly very thirsty. Babe, cheers? Mitchel questioningly raises his glass. Oh, shit, I’m sorry, I mutter. I touch his glass with mine and take a few more sips. He laughs out loud and lets one of his hands go from my back towards my neck. In the meantime the vibrations start again. My temperature is rising and I wrap one of my hands around the table for some support. Abruptly, I feel the vibrations increase in intensity. My eyes shoot towards Mitchel’s face and I pull up my brows. His mouth twists into a crooked grin. Then it stops again. His hand is still in my neck and he slowly plays with my earlobe. My beer is almost empty as I take another swig. Babe, you know you have to pee if you drink that much. He pulls up his brows twice, insinuating that I follow his advice. I snicker. Oh, so that was a hint? I look at him, a playful grin on my face. Who knows? He says laughingly. I take one last sip and quickly stand up to go to the toilet, just behind our table. Well within reach of the remote control.

While I lock the door of the stall the vibrations start again. He turns it up two speeds and I brace myself against the walls of the stall using both my hands. The tiles are cold against my hot and sweaty palms. I breathe heavily as he once more turns it up a notch. Oh my GOD, I exclaim. I let myself fall against one of the walls, my back on the cool tiled wall. I moan and quickly cover my mouth with my own hand. The vibration intensifies some more and I decide I need to finish this, quick, or I’ll go mad. I reach under my skirt and start touching my clit. My fingers move quickly and I feel the excitement taking the upper hand. Shaking and panting I climax, hard. While the egg keeps vibrating I feel the waves of my orgasm grow even more intense. My knees almost buckle under the weight of my orgasm and I lean heavily against the wall. Realising Mitchel doesn’t know what’s happening in here I quickly decide to exit the stall. As I pass the mirror above the sink I see my cheeks are super red. Walking towards our table I look at Mitchel pleadingly. The egg stops vibrating. I sigh and let myself fall on the seat beside him.

God, babe, your cheeks are on fire. Are you okay? He looks at me mockingly, his brows lifted in fake surprise. I hiss at him that enough is enough. He laughs. I let my head fall on his shoulder, I’m exhausted. Ahw, poor you, he says. Meanwhile, he pulls my knees to one side, closer to him. I see his beer is almost finished. Under te table, I feel his hand sliding from my knee to the inside of my thigh, under my dress. People can see us, Mitchel, I whisper. The chair is exactly in front of you, babe, he reassures me. His hand goes up further and touches my naked pussy. He slips from my vagina to my clit and my legs part a little to give him some room. I exhale shakingly and close my eyes. Stimulating my clit slowly, he whispers in my ear that he is not done with me yet. Are you going to drink that? I whisper, nodding towards his beer. You’re right, he says, retracting his hand. We should go home. Stumbling to my feet I quickly take my jacket and bag and put them on. With a naughty smile on his face, Mitchel watches me fumble with my zipper. I feel my own wetness on my thighs and I glance at the seat to check that I didn’t leave a stain. Mitchel then grabs my hand and pulls me outside.

“Right, that’s two for you. Now, it’s my turn.”

On the bike I feel the egg vibrating again. The sensation is completely different due to the saddle that’s under my butt. I moan out loud and lift my ass off the saddle. The feeling changes again. Please, Mitchell, I pant. Stop it. He laughs oud loud and apologises. Right, right, I’ll turn it off now. The egg doesn’t turn on for the remainder of the bike ride towards our appartment. When we get home we store our bikes in the shed. Before I can do or say anything he flings me against the door of the shed and kisses me. His hand goes under my dress and finds my clit again. Hmm, you’re so wet, that’s so fucking hot. He whispers in my ear and I feel goosebumps coming up again. Fervently, he kisses me with lots of tongue. Meanwhile, his fingers up the tempo and suddenly the egg vibrates back to life again. The feeling is super intense and I let my body grow weak against his. It’s okay, let yourself go, let yourself come. He whispers while he supports my body weight. I focus on the stimulation that comes from both ends and I feel myself flowing towards climaxing again. Please, don’t stop. Fuck, don’t stop, don’t stop! I yell and moan when I feel my orgasm coming over me. My pussy pulsates around the egg, making all the sensations that much more intense. I need Mitchel’s support to stay upright. He snickers and kisses my neck. Finally, I come back to earth again and the vibrations stop. Right, that’s two for you. Now, it’s my turn.

Without saying another word he takes me by my arm and drags me up the stairs and into our appartment. He pushes me through the living room in one straight line to the bedroom. With one swift move he takes off my dress. Picking me up by the waist, he throws me on the bed. A surprised scream comes out of my mouth. He walks over and undresses at the same time, taking everything off while I’m lying there, legs open and waiting. He crawls onto the bed and stops at my pussy. Slowly, he takes out the egg and puts it on the nightstand. Then he starts kissing my thighs, all the way up to my breasts. He takes a nipple, still covered by red lace, in his mouth. I want more and I push my lower body towards his. I feel his dick searching for the entrance of my pussy. Without using his hands he slides in. I moan and put my hands on his butt to push him in further. On his elbows, he is suspended above me as he kisses me again. Our kiss is hot and hungry. We keep kissing while he fucks me and it feels super intimate. One of my hands runs over his back and the other one stays on his bum. Feeling his butt clenching everytime he thrusts his penis in me is such a hot feeling. His breathing grows heavier and our kiss grows more urgent. The tempo increases and I feel the tip of his dick going by the edge of my pussy with every movement. Mitchel’s eyes are closed and he groans deeply. I encourage him by moving my hips towards his. With a few quick thrusts he climaxes inside of me. Moaning with him my lips touch his again. We kiss while his movements slow down and his climax fades. That’s how we remain, for a while. We open our eyes and pant while we look at each other lovingly.

That was so. fucking. hot, I tell him. I know, right, Mitchel answers, breathing heavily. Now that’s what you call a surprising Valentine, I say, while giving him a wink.

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Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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