januari 29, 2022

Total relaxation

Fuck, my keys!

I rush back inside and grab my car keys from the kitchen counter. I’m so chaotic. Today was a shitty day. My boss kept getting on my nerves and I didn’t seem to get anything done. There was this deadline that I needed to prepare for. I just knew that it was going to deprive me of my sleep for the next couple of days. In the car I blast Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit. IT’S JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS! I yell. Fuck yeah. When I pull up to the traffic light I see two dudes in a van watching me, smiling. I avert my eyes and keep singing loudly. Whatever. It’s me time.

I pull up into a parking space and check my clock. Thank God, I’m still on time for my appointment. As I halfheartedly run towards the entrance of the massage parlour I put my hair up in a messy bun. Hi! I say, a little out of breath. I’m here for my 5 o’clock! The name’s Aileen Brown, I say. The lady behind the desk looks at me as she puts on her reading glasses. My cheeks are red and my hair probably looks a mess. Yes, I see. Julian will be taking care of you today. I look questioningly. So, Gaby is not here? Gaby was my usual massage therapist. She was nice and chatty and I liked that about her. Even though massages were supposed to be relaxing I usually felt the urge to talk, at least at the beginning. Venting felt good and Gaby would always be supportive while listening to me complain. No, our apologies, Gaby had to stay at home because her daughter was rather ill. Oh, that’s too bad, well give her my best. The lady nodded as she held out her hand, signalling me towards room 3. I thank her and walk towards a green door with the number three on it.

Flopping my clothes on a chair I looked at my half naked body. Not bad, not bad at all. When I turned around the lighting hit the back of my ass and thighs. Well, I wish I didn’t see that. I see dimples and it looks like my ass is starting to sag. I was always proud of my ass, it was one of my best features. My tits were nothing to brag about, you see. They were small, although pretty symmetrical. When I was younger I used to be so jealous of all these girls with their giant cleavages. All I had was a big booty, but that was just not in at the time. All you saw were girls as skinny as chopsticks or girls with boobs the size of balloons. Now, the fashion has turned more towards the athletic body and having a big badonkadonk was suddenly all the rage. I saw eighteen year old girls squatting and lungeing like crazy to achieve their ‘big booty goal’. For me, I guess it came naturally. I look at myself in the mirror again and see tired, blue eyes and greasy blonde hair. I need a haircut. When I lift my arm I see that I forgot a teeny bit of hair in the corner of my armpit.
God damn it.

Walking into the room the first thing that hits me is the smell of lavender. It always relaxes me, I have noticed. I take a deep breath and walk towards the massage table. The room was cozy and elegantly furnished. There is a big print – of some kind of rain forest? – on the wall, on one side of the room. Candles are burning and soft, instrumental music is playing. Everything has been thought about, all to induce relaxation. As I let my robe slide down I toss it on a stool. I position myself on the massage table and pull a towel over my butt and the top of my legs. Just as I’m about to lower my head into the special hole on the table, I hear a door open. Oh, hi, you’re already here! I hear a deep, manly voice. I stumble. Yes, sorry, I thought I’d make myself comfortable. He laughs. I hear him moving towards my upper body. Well, you’re right in doing so. I lift my head and see a handsome man, somewhere mid-thirties, I guess. He holds out his hand and I quickly shake it while trying to not show my nipple. His hand is big, warm and feels soft. Aileen, nice to meet you. Julian, nice to meet you too. So, as you might have heard, I’m filling in for Gaby today. I nod, yes the receptionist told me so. Is there anything special that we need to focus on today, Aileen? I could feel my mind wander to a naughtier version of myself. I quickly reprimanded my mind and answered that I just wanted a full body massage, as always. He nodded approvingly and told me to relax and put my head down again. Closing my eyes I could feel myself going over his looks in my head.

Julian looked good. I could only see a bit of his biceps and his lower arms but they looked muscular. He definitely worked out. His eyes were brown, or so I thought. I couldn’t see them very well because of the dimly lit room. His hair was light brown and cut to the latest fashion. He smelled amazing, musky.
As he starts on my neck I can feel the warmth of his hands spread. He carefully kneads my neck muscles, moving in a confident and rhythmic fashion. I tell myself to relax and just let it happen, no chatting this time. His skilled hands work his way down to my shoulders and upper back. He slides my towel down a bit lower to reach my lower back. His thumbs touch my tailbone as he reaches down and slides back up my spine again. I feel a tingling sensation starting to build in my lower belly. When he moves towards my feet, the feeling disappears again. He expertly rubs my feet, it feels SO wholesome. I feel my body become even heavier as I let my whole body weight sink into the massage table. A content sigh leaves my lips. He chuckles. Are you doing okay over there? He asks. I mumble that I’m super relaxed and that he’s doing a good job. He chuckles again. That’s what I’m here for, he says.

“I feel him stroking the part where my thigh ends and my butt begins, a highly sensitive area.”

While he works upwards he starts with my left calve. He massages my muscles and when he is done he goes up to the inside of my knee. From there he starts to go up and kneads my thigh muscles as if he was kneading dough. He gives this area a lot of attention and his hands go up in big, slow movements. Occasionally, he slides a thumb under the towel. I feel him stroking the part where my thigh ends and my butt begins, a highly sensitive area. A tingling sensation spreads from my clitoris. I reprimand myself. Aileen, come on, you can’t get wet from your massage therapist. While his attention shifts to my other leg I am able to relax again. He works his way up from my calve towards my thigh again. Each movement brings him closer to my butt and once again I feel him touching that sensitive part of my body. Before I even realise what is happening he flings the towel off my butt and on the ground. He wraps his big hands around my butt cheeks and starts massaging them. It feels really good. Every knead he slowly lets his thumbs go by my labia, inching closer every time. I can’t help but sigh and a small moan escapes with it. He pulls back his hands. For a while, there’s total silence. I lift up my head and look over my shoulder. I see him raise his eyebrows. I nod my head.

While I lay my head back in the hole of the massage table I feel one of his hands slide down my spine. He moves it all the way down, sliding past my already wet vagina. He then starts to gently massage my clitoris with his middle finger. My heart rate rises. Meanwhile, he slides his thumb around my wet pussy. The feeling of him caressing my vagina drives me crazy. Everything is done with slow deliberation, intended to excite me even more. While he slides his thumb in and out of my pussy, his middle finger continues in the same rhythm on my clitoris. I feel my breathing getting heavier as I allow my body to fully relax. Before I know it the tension reaches its peak and I climax. My moan is muffled by the fact that my head is still in the hole of the massage table. I quiver as I feel his fingers continue their touch during my orgasm. Then, he slows and stops. I sigh deeply and feel so. fucking. relaxed.

I feel a soft pressure on my side and thigh. He is trying to make me turn around. I lift my head and twist my body so that now, my back is on the massage table. I look at him, eyes half closed and sultry. He has a soft smile on his face. Then he rubs some new oil between his hands and slowly places them on my chest. I feel the inside of my thighs, they are wet. My own fluid comes trickling down from my pussy to my anus, probably leaving a wet mark on the towel beneath me. While he massages my breasts I close my eyes again. He caresses my nipples and then slides down to my belly. Suddenly, he stops and moves back to my feet. He massages upwards from my calves to my thighs. I shiver, not because I’m cold, but because I feel the anticipation rising again. Slow, powerful and decisive his hands start moving back towards my most private area. While he massages one upper leg the outsides of his fingers sporadically touch my labia and clitoris. Then, I feel his thumbs run over my outer labia. Up, then down. He slides two fingers by my clitoris, down towards my vagina. Expertly, he slips his middle finger in my super wet pussy. He feels I’m ready for more so his index finger follows suit. While he starts moving I feel a strange sensation. Something’s building up in my body but it doesn’t feel the same as before. His fingers make a sort of beckoning motion, in my vagina, stroking the same spot over and over. When he raises the tempo a little bit my eyes open wide. I feel like I have to pee. Don’t worry, Aileen, what you’re feeling is normal. Just relax. His calm, deep voice forces me to let go. As I close my eyes again I breathe deeply and shift my focus to the feeling that he is causing within my body. He then puts his palm on my lower belly, just above my pubic bone. He applies a little bit of pressure and his tempo goes up even further. I feel like a vulcano that’s about to erupt. The pleasure takes over and I climax. This climax blows my mind and I grab the sides of the massage table as I let out a primal moan. I feel that my thighs are wet and something wet is dripping down towards the table. I lay there, eyes blinking towards the ceiling as I realise that I have just experienced my first, actual G-spot orgasm. My body is totally relaxed. I hear Julian wash and dry his hands.

This girl is completely ZEN.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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