februari 10, 2022

Working overtime

My laptop is displaying the blue screen of death. I glare at Microsoft’s sad smiley and sigh, highly frustrated.

Frank looks up from his laptop and lifts his brows questioningly. What’s up? He asks. This stupid thing never works, I grunt angrily. It’s always the same with these things, I hate working with machines. I grunt and cross my arms. I see Frank suppresing a smile, crow’s feet appearing around his eyes. I lift one brow at him. Not. Funny.

A quarter of an hour later, my laptop is brought back to life. In the meantime, Frank poured me a cup of tea that he now puts on my desk. Thought you could use it, he says. Staring at my screen I reach for my tea and accidentally touch his hand. He nearly electrocutes me and I put my finger to my mouth. Ouch, dude, you’re static! He snickers. Jesus, I must really be electrifying. When he sits down in his chair he looks at me again and winks. I feel a tingling sensation in my clit.

Frank is a handsome man. He’s a few years older than me and he has been working here almost for as long as I am. We have worked on several projects together and I always like being around him. He has a positive vibe about him, his eyes are always kind and teasing. His short hair is well maintained and he has olive-coloured skin. I still don’t know where his roots actually lie, his name just sounds SO Dutch. Oh, lovely detail: his shirts are always just a bit too tight around his arms. Not that I mind, though. I love watching those biceps and triceps almost rip the sleeve apart when he moves. I catch myself staring at his arms. I genuinly hope he didn’t notice.

Tonight we both have to work late. Evening one out of two, maybe even three. Our project is far from finished and we have to pull our weight to be able to present it to our boss in time. Suddenly, the phone rings. Roughly awakened from my day dream I pick up the phone. Yes, Miley here? Chinese food, I mouth towards Frank while pointing at my phone. Thanks, my colleague will be right there, I say. He smiles, jumps up out of his chair and runs downstairs. After a few seconds he comes running back up with a bag of food in one of his hands and a big smile on his face. Come on, Miley, stop working for a minute, let’s eat. I moan in protest and smack my laptop closed with a dramatic gesture of my hand. In the meantime Frank has spread all the different food containers on the table and is now taking off the lids. I take some plates and cutlery from the kitchen cabinet. We sit down and eat, all alone in the office. We make small talk. The economy, the weather, the impending financial crisis. Meanwhile, I study Frank’s face. He slurps his noodles into his mouth to make me laugh, it works. After a few minutes I see some sauce got stuck on his cheek. Laughingly, I gesture that he’s got something on his face. He smears the wrong cheek with the outside of his hand. No, wrong cheek, I say. It’s this one, as I touch my own. Again, he rubs his hand over the wrong spot. I bend over and wipe the sauce away with my thumb. He stares into my eyes and his mouth falls open a little. I feel the warmth of his cheek in my hand and quickly pull back. Shit, that was way longer than necessary. We awkwardly continue our conversation, no jokes this time.

After we’re done eating I walk towards the sink, my back towards Frank. I cleared the plates and am now trying to make some room to do the washing-up. Frank is behind me, throwing away food and putting the rest of the leftovers in the fridge. Grabbing the sponge I suddenly feel a hand in my neck, swiping all my hair to one side. My back grows warm when Frank pushes the front of his body towards mine. My lower body is pressed against the counter top. When I feel his lips land on my neck, I sigh. He turns his attention to my earlobe and lets one hand slide to the front of my body, touching my belly. The brush falls into the sink and I melt. My knees grow weak with the feeling of his stubble going by my skin. Reaching back to touch him I put my hand on the back of his neck to pull him in closer. Meanwhile, his hand has wondered to my crotch area and he rubs it over my pants. Every time his hand goes by I feel his fingers rubbing on my clit. I’m getting hot and bothered and I push my butt into his crotch. I feel his dick growing harder by the second. His hand is trapped between the kitchen counter and my vagina, still caught in my denim. He moves in a slow motion movement, rubbing his lower body against mine. I sigh, a moan escapes.

“He looks at me and then, he lifts me up by my waist. I wrap my legs around him.”

His hand moves away from my crotch, only leaving warmth and longing in its wake. They slide up and pull my top off over my head. Only one hand is needed to open my bra as he frees my breasts. He slides his arms back around my body and cups my boobs in his hands. He gently caresses my nipples and they grow hard under his touch. I lean into him. He kneads my breasts and keeps kissing my neck and sucking on my earlobe. Who knew something so simple could be SO exciting. I’m turned on and I feel my underwear getting wet already. With his hard dick still pushing on my butt, I long for more. His hands let go of my boobs and slide down my belly, opening my pants. Quickly, I kick off my shoes and he pulls my pants down. I help him by stepping out of my pants and then I turn around. I’m only wearing my panties. He looks at me and then, he lifts me up by my waist. I wrap my legs around him. Walking me towards the dining table he then puts me down on my feet again. Our eye contact lingers and I look up at him, expectantly. Swiftly, I pull off his shirt. I stare at his beautiful torso, small nipples in the middle of big chest-muscles. Finally, his arms in all their glory, no sleeves. I run my hands over his arms all the way to his chest and up to the nape of his neck. For the first time, we kiss. Our kiss immediately turns hot and heavy. All this pent up tension between us is finally released. Our tongues touch and it’s all making me hungry for more. He pulls down my panties during our kiss. While it’s still hanging on my thighs he massages my butt with both hands.

We haven’t talked since we started, our bodies are doing the talking. Breaking off our kiss for only a second, I pull my panties all the way down. He picks me up and plops me on the dining table. Wrapping my legs around him, I pull him in closer. His penis presses against my naked vagina, I like the way the denim fabric in between us feels on my clit. Impatiently, I open the button of his pants and they come falling down. Next, he pulls down his underwear. I stare at his penis. Perfection. Straight, not too big, not too small. Taking his dick in my hand I feel its warmth. I cup his balls and they feel tight and full. I rub his dick and we keep kissing. All of a sudden I feel his fingers around my vagina. He enters with one finger and then, realising I’m already there, he puts in another. We stay entangled and keep pleasuring each other with our hands. Finally, he breaks off our kiss and pushes my upper body back on the table, just a little. He diverts his attention to my breasts, kissing and caressing each one of them. He takes my hard nipple between his lips and sucks it. Slowly, he moves downwards. My belly, my lower belly, all the way to my vagina. He lets his tongue discover my pussy, without touching my clit. I want him to, though. Moving my lower body in the direction of his tongue I want him to lick me there. I’m SO turned on.

Eventually, his tongue goes over my clit. He’s taking his time, slowly licking up and down with a relaxed tongue. When he goes up again he also touches the entrance of my vagina with his tongue, a strange but very nice sensation. Sometimes he pushes the tip of his tongue inward, just a little. A new feeling, for me at least. I moan and put my hand on his head, just to encourage him. My other hand is curled around the edge of the table. I’m feeling the need to come and come hard. When his tongue stays on my clit he massages the entrance of my pussy with the tip of his index finger. He never enters deep, he just keeps stimulating the edge. The combination of his tongue and his finger drive me over the edge. I erupt in a sky-rocketing climax. My back arches and my toes curl. It’s so intense that my knees clamp around his head involuntarily. Moaning loudly I writhe under his touch during my orgasm. Jesus, this man knows what he’s doing.

When my orgasm fades he stops stimulating me. Again, he places a trail of kisses over my body, this time from my pussy all the way up to my mouth. I taste salty fluids and kiss him back with an appitite for more. He inches closer and I can feel the tip of his penis searching for the entrance of my pussy. He slides by my wet vagina and then pushes in, just a little. I wrap my legs around him because I want to feel everything he has to offer. I put my hands on his butt and pull him in closer. Once he slides all the way in I moan loudly and he moans with me. While we keep kissing I feel his dick sliding in and out of me, all the way. The head of his penis touches the most sensitive spot on the edge of my vagina again, just as his finger just did. Putting one hand on my cheek, he stares deeply into my eyes. His mouth is slightly open, his breathing a bit ragged. The intimacy of him fucking me while maintaining eye contact is a new feeling for me as well. His movements slowly grow faster and his breathing gets heavier. During his thrusts I feel a new orgasm building up inside of me. Don’t stop, I pant. He puts one hand on my breast and holds it while his movements grow faster still. Staring into each other’s eyes he fucks me harder, deeper. My boobs bounce with every thrust as he puts his hands on my hips. Finally, I feel myself edging closer to an orgasm again. I climax and feel my pussy pulsating around his dick. This pushes him over the edge as well as he groans loudly and finishes inside of me. Our foreheads touch, our eyes now closed.

We breathe heavily as we stay like this for a minute, his penis still inside of me. When I open my eyes again, I stare directly into his. Dark eyes that look more than satisfied. We kiss, softer this time. Fuck, Miley, that was amazing. I chuckle, feeling shy all of a sudden. I thought so too, Frank. He pulls back and lets his dick slide out of my pussy. Then, I see a very naughty smile appear on his face. He looks at me, highly amused.

You know, our colleagues have to eat at this table tomorrow, he says.
I burst into laughter.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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