februari 8, 2022

You’re the boss

Eva, my office, five o’clock.

Fuck. Yes, sir. I nervously bend down my head when my boss walks by. What the hell did I do this time? I glance at my colleague, Sandy. My eyes are wide, I’m flabbergasted. Girl, it’s Monday afternoon and he’s mad already, what the heck did you do? I don’t know! I hiss at her between my teeth. My face is red and I uncomfortably shift in my seat. I guess it might have something to do with last week’s numbers. I make one freaking mistake and he’s going to fire me? I feel angry and annoyed at the same time. I huff indignantly. Sandy smacks her lips. Well, he had a temper this morning already, I don’t think it has anything to do with you. I sigh. Unfortunately this doesn’t reassure me in the least.

I have worked here for around a year now and it was a month since our new boss started. He’s cool, calm and collected and… SO FUCKING HOT. All the women in the office were pining for him, not one had succeeded yet. Little was known about him and everyone just assumed he was single. He never talked about his wife, didn’t wear a weddig ring and had no photos of a woman or kids in his office. His eyes were always stern, icy blue under dark, thick brows. His hair is cut short, businesslike. Snow white shirts, ironed ties, straight teeth and clean nails. Everything maintained to perfection. It seems like he can’t do anything wrong. That’s why I feel a certain distrust towards him. His facade of perfection, it’s just not natural and gives me the shivers. Everyone has something that’s wrong with them, I’m fully convinced of that fact. Sometimes I feel the desperate urge to run my fingers through his hair and mess up his perfect hairdo. Other days I want to smear foundation and lipstick all over the cuffs of his perfectly white shirt. Some nights I dream that he takes control over me and fucks me mercilessly. He turns me into his sex slave. I then wake up and wonder if I just orgasmed in my sleep. I have had a big crush on him since he first started working here. It didn’t help that I was single as fuck, for about a year now. I was so ready for a dominant, posessive man to just fuck me until I screamed.

Sandy taps my shoulder. My head shoots up and I see that she’s already wearing her jacket and is just flinging her bag over her shoulder. Shouldn’t you go to boss man? 5 o’clock, right? As I glance at the clock I realise it’s already 4:59. FUCK. In a hurry, I rake all my stuff together with my hands and throw it in my bag. As I get up my chair gets pushed back about a meter into the office. Sandy slowly pushes the chair back towards my desk and watches with her brows lifted. She leans on the back of the chair as she watches me unravel. Well, good luck hon. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. I sigh. Yes, Sandy, see you tomorrow. I pussyfoot towards the door of his office. While I glance over my shoulder I realise everyone has left the office. Suddenly I feel a bit lonely. When I go past a mirror I see that my blouse got out of my pencil skirt. I quickly push it back in. My flustered cheeks make my freckles almost invisible. I see blue eyes that are clearly stressed. Finally I see my red hair being held together by a clip in a messy bun. I knock the door twice.

COME IN. I hear his low voice rumble on the other side of the door. I breathe in deep and let my breath escape through my mouth as I try to muster up the courage to enter. Undeterred, I push down the door handle and step into his office. Okay, maybe not so undeterred. I’m feeling quite nervous as I stand in his office. He is behind his desk, elbows on his desk and hands folded under his chin. He looks at me and doesn’t say I can sit down in the chair on the side of his desk. Suddenly my hands feel weird and I don’t know what to do with them. What does one do with those things? I decide to fold them together in front of my body. Is the rest of the staff gone? His hands unclasp and he sits upright. I nod my head. What did you say? I didn’t hear you. His voice sounds strict. Yes, sir, everyone has left the office. I stumble over my words and feel my cheeks go red again. Then, he pushes himself off his chair and starts walking towards me, all the while making eye contact. As I feel uncomfortable under his gaze I start studying the pattern of the carpet. I swallow nervously. Immediately afterwards I feel his index finger under my chin, lifting my gaze. Look at me, he says. I look at him, hesitantly. His eyes are clear blue, intens, pupils slightly dialated. Are you afraid of me? No, sir. I shake my head in denial while his finger is still under my chin. Good. That’s all he says.

He releases my chin, walks back to his desk and sits back in his chair. He leans against the backside of his big, black desk chair. I see the back of the chair bending under his weight.
I stare at him in surprise. Well? Didn’t you hear me? Undress, I said. He crosses his arms impatiently. Undress? B-but, take off, what? I stammer.
My eyes grow big with disbelief. Then, for the first time since I’ve met him, I see a grin appearing on his face. It doesn’t reach his eyes. The tension in my lower belly suddenly rises while I nervously pluck at my buttons. My trembling fingers make it hard to loosen them.
I try my best to hurry and finally my blouse falls down to my feet. Very good, girl. Your skirt, now. I unzip my skirt and let it slide all the way down to my feet. I step out of the puddle and kick it aside. I’m now left in my bra, thong, hold-up stockings and heels. Gorgeous, you’re just exquisite. Now the rest. While I loosen my bra I look at him. His blue eyes are dark. I toss my bra beside my feet. My small, perky boobs look firm and my nipples get hard instantly. I want him so bad. Slowly, a tad more confident, I roll my thong down my hips and down to my feet. Finally, I kick them aside too. While I bend towards my stocking he stops me. No, not those. You keep those on. And your heels too. I nod.

On your knees, he commands. I let myself fall down to my knees and avert my eyes. Take that clip out of your hair. Without hesitation I take the clip out and toss it on the ground. My copper coloured hair falls sleekly around my face. I hear him getting up from his chair. As he walks towards me he takes off his jacket, his tie and his belt. Not his blouse, pants or shoes. Suddenly, my back is warmed by his presence behind me. He towers above me, although I can’t see it, I feel it. You look good girl, on your knees. With one swift move of his hand he grabs all my hair and pulls me up on my feet. He pushes me forward and I shuffle towards the desk. Then he flops my upper body on the wooden desk. It feels cold on my boobs and belly. Hands next to your body, he commands. I comply. He then lets go of my hair and runs his index finger all the way down my neck, my spine, to my tailbone. I shiver.

WHACK. A hard slap on my left buttox. Shocked, I lift my head from the desk. Back on the desk, now, he says sharply. WHACK. Another hard slap, now on my right butt cheek. My body shocks unvoluntarily and a moan passes my lips. Good girl. His voice is low and I can hear that he is turned on. He lets both his hands go over my butt and massages away the tingling feeling that his slaps caused. Such glorious, white butt cheeks, he says contently. Two slaps again, first left, then right. This time too, he massages away the burn. I feel his hand run up my spine again and he takes hold of my hair, just in the nape of my neck. He pulls me up from the desk, swivels me around and now we’re face to face. I feel his body through his blouse, warm and hard. His puils have dialated even more and his mouth is pressed into a stern grin. Back on your knees, girl. He pushes me down and lets go of my hair. Look at me, he commands. Longingly, I look up at him. He’s unbuttoning his blouse and his glorious chest and abdomen slowly comes into my vision. It moves me, I’m so turned on. My eyes go down to his hands, now unzipping his pants. His dick is already rock hard and it’s almost coming past the elastic of his boxeshorts. I can’t wait to put that thing in my mouth. Take off my underwear, now, he commands. Following his command right away I pull down his boxers, coming eye to eye with his penis. The tip of his dick is almost close enough to touch my lips.

“He smears my spittle across my face and then uses it to spread my runny mascara further on my cheek. This suits you, girl.”

Open your mouth, he says. I open my mouth a bit. Open wider, girl. My mouth opens like I were in a dentist’s chair. Good, like that. He guides his hard dick towards my lips and pushes the tip in a couple of times. Make it wet, he commands. I let my tongue go across the head of his dick and close my mouth a little to wet it even more. He then grabs the back of my head and pushes his dick in, deep. He fucks my mouth like this, all the while trying to push in deeper and deeper. When he goes too deep, I gag. Oh girl, was that a little too deep? You can’t handle that? I feel tears well up in my eyes and I nod my head from side to side a little, his dick still in my mouth. Well, tough. He grabs my head again and starts throatfucking me. He goes faster and deeper and the tip of his dick continually hits my throat with every thrust. I struggle to not throw up and I feel tears streaming down my face. He moans, a soft groan. Then he pulls out. As I take a few deep breaths I try to regain my composure. I look up at him through teary eyes. He looks down at me with an intense stare. Next, he places his hand on my cheek and rubs his thumb from my mouth to the corner of my eye. He smears my spittle across my face and then uses it to spread my runny mascara further on my cheek. This suits you, girl. You look like a real dick sucking slut.

Hoisting me up by my arm, I stumble on my heels to stay upright. He looks at me as I’m still panting, mouth half open, thinking about his dick. His icy blue eyes are cold when he slowly runs his thumb across my lower lip. A rare specimen, you are, Eva. With your fair skin, freckles and red hair. I wondered if your pubic hair would be just as red as the rest. His compliments reverberate through me and I feel as happy as a dog with a bone. A warm feeling streams towards my pussy. He knows how to keep a balance between being strict and just. His hand goes to my breast and he takes one of my nipples between his fingers. He rubs it and then pinches it. I moan. His other hand grabs ahold of my wrist and guides my hand towards his hard dick. His penis is still wet from my mouth. Rub it, he says. I start rubbing his dick. Make it wet, spit in your hand. I try to spit in my hand but my mouth has run dry from all the excitement. Here, he says. He takes my hand and spits in it. I then rub my hand on his dick and he leans forward so he can put one of his hands on the desk beside me. So close, yet so far. He groans and keeps kneading my breast and occasionally pinching my nipple. We don’t kiss.

Suddenly, he’s had enough of it. He grabs me and throws me over the desk again. I feel the tip of his dick touch my butt. He puts his dick in between my legs and starts sliding through. Hmm, girl, you are wet. Did my big dick in your mouth and hand turn you on? I nod my head fervently. Oh yeah? What is it good girls say? WHACK. He slaps my ass. Yes, sir, I say quickly. Yes sir, what? He answers with a dark tone. WHACK, another slap to my ass. Yes sir, you turned me on with your big hard dick. My throat is hoarse because of it being fucked deep only minuts before. That’s good, girl, that’s good.
Before I can say anything else he pushes the entirety of his dick in my pussy. No warning, no warm-up. He is just having his way with me. I squeel a little. Too big for you, girl? He sounds sadistically content. No sir, I answer him. Good girl, you’re starting to learn, he says. He growls while he moves his dick inside of me. My boobs are squished on the desk because he has one of his hands on my back. The other hand grips my hip and he starts moving harder and faster. He ups the tempo some more and I feel his dick sliding in and out my pussy quickly. He goes deep every time he thrusts and I am on the verge of being in pain. He grunts and puts a bit more weight on my body so he can really fuck me. His movements become more violent and I feel that he’s losing himself. That feeling excites me more than I can bear. I’m going to fill your pussy up, girl. He roars. Are you ready for my cum, you little slut? I open my mouth and can barely say ‘yes sir’. After two more thrusts he groans loudly and I feel his dick getting harder inside of me. He climaxes and fucks me until the last waves of his orgasm fade. Meanwhile I see my breath creating condensation on the desk. He pulls his dick out and I immediately feel a stream of cum trickling down my leg, all over my black stocking.

I stay face down on the desk until I hear him pull up his pants and speak. You can stand up now, girl. Somewhat overwhelmed I lift my body from the desk. I look down and see a huge stream of sperm on the inside of my leg. Leave that, he says sternly. You are going to leave it there until you are home, then you can clean yourself up. Yes sir, answer submissively. His blouse is already buttoned up and he is now adjusting his tie. Put your clothes on, he says while pointing at my clothes scattered on the floor. I put on my panties, skirt, bra and blouse and quickly snatch my clip off the carpet. Unsure about what to do next, I stand there, my hands folded in front of my body again. Because my legs now touch I feel his sperm dripping down my other thigh as well.

You can trust me when I say that this will not affect your work. I expect you to be here on Monday next week. Same time.

I look at him and nod. Yes, sir.

Artwork made by Coloringcuties
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